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From what I can gather Michael was born “Michael Jacobs”  and changed his name to “Alfred Michael Jacobs”…in the light of what I know now I wonder if the name change was to avoid past misdemeanours? 

Anyway the couple arrived in Melbourne on 18 November 1873 so they must have married and then immediately set sail.  They had three (not two) children :-

1. Henry Michael born 1874 – died at 1 yr and 10 months (according to the death notice in the papers) at 3 Bouverie Street, Carlton.

2. Zadock Alfred Jacobs born 1875 Melbourne ( haven’t tracked the exact date yet)

3. Rebecca Rose Jacobs born 26 November  1876 at 242 Drummond Street, Carlton, Melbourne.

At this time Carlton was a REAL working mans suburb of Melbourne….Alfred Michael lists his occupation as clerk (but I haven’t found any employment details to date).

In about 1878/9 Alfred (as he was then known), Leah , Zadock and Rebecca returned to England and things got worse. Leah sued for divorce upon the grounds of adultery, assault and inflicting upon her a veneral disease.  If you look at Ancestry you can see the trial papers in their divorce case….BUT not satisfied with all this Alfred/Michael undertakes a bigamous marriage in 1880 (under the name of Alfred Jacobs) . He was indicted at the Old Bailey on 26th April 1880 – Central Criminal Court. On Saturday May 1 1880 before Mr. Reader (case no. 416) “Alfred Jacobs pleaded guilty to feloniously marrying Lavinia Hughes, his wife Leah being alive – One month’s Imprisonment”(without hard labour).( Read the details at Reynold’s Newspaper – Sunday 4 April 1880 – paper states that “Alfred Michael Jacobs alias Alfred Jacobs alias Beba…so I do have the right person)

Regarding his divorce, Leah claimed that her husband committed adultery with a Hannah Cook whilst they resided in Melbourne, she provided the addresses and further stated that he assualted her by striking her on the face and body as well as inflicting her with a venereal disease….Alfred/Michael denied the charges claiming it was all fictious. Nevertheless the divorce was granted and Leah reverted to her maiden name of Schneiders; she obtained custody of the 2 surviving tiny children, who also used the name “Scneiders”. Rebecca, however, married under the name of Rebecca Rose Jacobs.

Now we need to find out what happened to Zaddock, Leah and Rebecca and did Alfred/Michael live with Lavinia Hughes after his release from gaol?  When and where did Alfred die…were there other women in his life?

I’m so sorry I couldn’t say that the couple lived an idealic life here in Melbourne, but at least it adds further colour to our family. I am sure Julia (nee Isaacs) Solomon would not have approved of this nephew!  

[Jenny Cowen]

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Jun 212014

I have been reading again the notes from your late cousin John that you sent to me last year. 
I noticed that it indicates that Samuel moved to Revell Street Hokitika in 1868 which happens to be the street mentioned in the trial of the gold pin in 1866. 
I also noticed in the same report that Samuel had gold mining connections in Otago which is the place where the photo of a Samuel Jacobs was published in the Otago Witness. 
Are you sure that this is not our Samuel?

[Peter Wales]



I have just checked that photo of Samuel Jacobs again and realised that it could not be our Samuel as one of the dates that he was president was after the death of our Samuel in 1885. Sorry about that.[Peter Wales]

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Jan 312010

From Gerry Newnham

1. Birth Certificate for Rosa SILVERSTONE, 4th Sept 1837: Presumed to be the sister of Ellen. Both Rosa and Ellen are with Jacob SILVERSTONE in Cincinnati in the 1850 US Census (see below). The Certificate shows Rosa’s mother to be Hannah HARRIS. Ellen was born too early for Civil Registration and there is, at present, no trace of her in synagogue records. Both Jacob and Hannah appear as witnesses in Old Bailey trials.

(Type the Keyword “Silverstone” in the search box on the Old Bailey Web site. The second and third entries are for this family and both contain useful genealogical information.)


2. 1850 US Census of Cincinnati, 5th Ward showing Jacob SILVERSTON, “Corrada”, Ellen and Rosa. The identity and correct forename of “Corrada” have not been determined but they suggest that Hannah (who did travel to the US – see below) died before 1850 and that Jacob may have remarried. However, the original Cincinnati records from that period were destroyed by fire. Although reconstructed after the fire and now available on-line I have not yet been able to find a marriage for Jacob (nor his death – probably between 1865 and 1888, when he would have been age 100). With the Silverstones are Edward and Frances VAULT (or GAULT).

I believe that Frances (see below) was another daughter of Jacob and Hannah Silverstone.

3. 1850 US Census of Cincinnati, Ward 2. This shows an Abraham HARRIS, age 31, (born England c.1819) who I believe to be Hannah’s brother. She travelled with an Abraham HARRIS to the US (see below). I am still trying to locate the HARRIS family – presumably in London – before they emigrated.

4. Ship’s Manifest, Liverpool to New Orleans June 1840 (“Sydner” of Boston?):  [I read it as Sydney – DS] Abraham HARRIS, Hannah SILVERSTON, Fanny (Frances?), Helen (Ellen?) and Rosa SILVERSTON; destination Illinois. The main route to Cincinnati at that date was via New Orleans and river boats along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. It appears that Jacob travelled ahead (details not yet found) and may initially have gone to another destination. However, there was an early Jewish presence in Cincinnati that he may have found more welcoming. He became involved with the Synagogue there from around 1840 and is mentioned as being in a Synagogue celebration in 1865. (Thanks to Bertram Lowi of California for finding the Ship’s Manifest.)

5. Birth Certificate for Emma BROWN, 14th May 1865: Wife of David JACOBS (1862-1899). Confirms her parents to be Henry BROWN and Jane FANCY (also FANCEY). (I have traced both families to Dorset and can provide further information if you would like add this to the web site.)

 From Gerry Newnham

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Sep 132009

A selection of notes received from Eileen Bird in 2009

[Comments in square brackets by Dave Simpson]


Lewis Pesman took his grandfather Mordecai Capua’s surname [See Mordecai’s will]


A small amount of money was left to each of the children of Lewis. 

The will mentions John Pesman, husband of his daughter Esther Capua.

The house in St James Place (or Dukes Place as it was known) was left to Hannah Fano, second wife of Mordecai until her death, which was November 1840. [See her will]

All except small amounts went to Lewis Pesman Capua


Lewis was born 1812 parents John Pesman & Esther Capua married 5th Sept 1810 I have copy of marriage entry


Lewis and Emanuel died within a week of each other in November 1873 Jewish chronicle plus death certs.



I do know that Mark died in England whilst visiting his brother John and later his body was exhumed and taken to Australia where he is buried.


His mother, Jane Jacobs, died in Australia something in Jewish Chronicle about her in 1879 I think.


Anyhow I still think Jane Jacobs scarpered with all the money because I have searched the 1851 census for hundreds of hours looking for her.


And guess what, my grandfather, William Joseph Pesman Simpson, born Liverpool 1883, married Margaret Ann Jennings 1906, was the son of Amelia Pesman and William Simpson also scarpered with my grandmother’s and his own inheritance, so it runs in the family. Although Jane Jacobs was no blood relative to my grandfather he likely knew of the story.



William Simpson was born in Ireland in 1834. At the age of 14 he boarded a ship in USA as cabin boy and from that day to his death I can more or less tell you where he was every day of his life until his death in Cardiff in 1890. From papers belonging to William I discovered he lodged at 47 Wapping High street (home of Emanuel Pesman) when he was in London port in the 1850/60s. So he would have known Amelia when she was a young girl.


Amelia married Benjamin Noah da Costa  in 1867 [1866] he died in 1879 [JFM as Benjamin Noah], I do not know where Amelia is in 1881 census but I believe she and her son Emanuel may have been travelling with William Simpson at the time he was Captain of the SS European and he never lodged his census report when he docked.


Amelia liked to travel.  She and Benjamin went to New Zealand in 1867 with Benjamin’s brother John (Jacob) Noah da Costa and his wife Esther Ventura. They all came back to London in 1871.


After Amelia married William 29th Dec 1881 she travelled with him often. She is listed with the crew and her son emanuel on several trips.(Dont know who was looking after baby William JP Simspon born December 1883 whilst she was away poor little soul. He was in boarding school on 1891 census)


William Simpson had a previous marriage I had a copy of certificate and when I found his marriage to Amelia I requested a photocopy of original so that I could compare signatures which are identical. When William and Amelia married she gave her maiden name was Noah.



I just saw this in Bevis Marks records abstracts of Ketubot:


Samuel de Massod Shannon and Miriam de Uri Sheraga Phais (bar David, also known as Phillip Jacobs 7 Nisan 5573 (1813)

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Sep 132009

My wife is descended from one of Edward Lawrence Levy’s uncles, Charles Lewis (they changed their name from Levy to Lewis), who was her GG Grandfather..


Edward Lawrence Levy was the son of Lawrence Levy who was a Sheriff’s Officer for Middlesex and also dabbled in the theatre – he owned the lease of the Victoria theatre at one point.


Edward Lawrence was articled to my wife’s ancestor Charles Lewis (as stated in the case of Gibbs 1846 as reported in The Daily News, 22 January 1846). The case of Levite v Lewis (see The Times, 21st June, 1864) illustrates the break down of the relationship with his uncle, probably as a result of Edward Lawrence’s unprofessional behaviour.


I haven’t yet finished ploughing through all the newspaper reports of Edward Lawrence’s frauds, but he certainly seems to have achieved notoriety.


This whole wider branch of the Levy family is interesting and its members appear in the press many times from around 1820 into the 1890s, usually relating to their money lending, professional and unprofessional activities, and through their marriages they have close links with the top professional classes and aristocracy, but analysing and recording it all is a large undertaking.


Robert Ward

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Jul 272008
I received an email from Georgina Cusack enquiring about a Blake Jacobs, unfortunately I cannot see a connection to our Jacobs tree but if anyone knows different then please let me know. – Dave Simpson

Georgina has also submitted copies of two wills: Frederick Blake Jacobs and John Jacobs and a selection of certificates. These can be found in the ‘Sources on this site section’  .

Continue reading »

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Mar 092008

Dear all found this when I met Phil at the SOG forgot about it but it fell out of my suitcase when I was tidying up.

Its a will by a Abraham Jacobs and it mentions a brother called David, and a slave boy he brought to England. I have just tried looking for it on the NA site but can not see it. Don’t know if anyone can either find the original or whether anyone thinks it has something to do with our family, its interesting if nothing else, might still look it up.

Mentions Calcutta and places in Germany I think.

[Debbie Bozkurt]

I’ve just had a quick scan and can make out the following:-

1769 Abraham Jacobs of Calcutta. brother David &                           Jacobs
???? the place of my Nativity in Germany
called Brusch(?) situate and lying between the citys of  “?????? and ?????”;
“slave boy named Jannay(?) who I shall hereafter name Alexander and whom I take with me to England”
??? his freedom; exors:- Samuel d’Castor & Solomon Marks(?) of London, Merchant. 28 Nov 1768
?? 10 Dec 1769 d’Castro   [PCC 421 Boss(?)

Other entries on the page:- 

1766 Frances Jacobs of Somerset St., Goodmans Fields, Widow [Right area for our Jacobs]
1767 Phineus Jacobs of Folkstone
1776 Catherine Jacobs of St. Giles, Cripplegate
1787 Nathanial Jacobs of
1788 William Jacobs of St. Margaret, Westminster

[Dave Simpson]



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Mar 092008

Has anyone got any idea what Judah would call himself when he left England? I doubt very much that he would use that name in New Zealand :-). I can find lots of Jacobs but isolating them is the problem.

[June Keating]


I don’t know if Judah left England just can not find him, thought I found a Jack Jacobs that resembled him but I don’t think so. Don’t worry too much it was just a thought that they may have joined their cousins.

A lot of a Jacobs also went to Ireland for a while but again its a difficult place to obtain information from. There is a book on Dublin Jews I am told is excellent but the cheapest I have found it is £100, so it will have to wait.

Thank you for looking and if you could just keep the names in the back of your mind just in case you are looking for something different and that pops up.

As an aside we have one ancestor from the Philip Jacobs line, a son of Lewis who was one of the first unassisted colonist. John Lewis Jacobs [See article under People (inserted by admin)]who was an Vaudeville artist. I found him just by chance as he had left before any census, in about 1834. I was looking for his brother Solomon and found a JC death notice which not only had Solomon and his address but I then found where a  David Jacobs I was looking for went. I have attached a page where I have typed up the Orbit. etc. but would love to find out more about him. Unfort. there is another John Lewis Jacobs who was a magician artist etc. who came from England but he was from Cant bury but they both seemed to have the nickname of Wizard but he died in 1897. So if you come across anything please let me know, I know he traveled to NZ to do shows. Someone has looked up the death for me but the date is spot on, he died 23rd sept 1900 (as per JC) but the parents names are not quite correct but he died without family so prob. the person that registered him didn’t know the exact details.

[Debbie Bozkurt]

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Mar 082008

 Looking for a number of Jacobs, that appear to have vanished I have tried various Australian Sites, USA census but I haven’t tried New Zealand.

Are there any BMD sites I can look up, I have a number of names but the 3 I am interested in at the moment are sons of Lewis Jacobs – glass dealer who was the son of Philip Jacobs. Lewis Jacobs lived around the Westminster district and the majority of children were born here.

Clutching at straws I wonder if they followed their cousins to New Zealand that I have been reading about.
It maybe they just changed their first name, but nothing really ties up and short of ordering about 20 BMD certificates to see, my gut reaction  is that they appear not to be on the UK census…..but I may be wrong!

They are also not mention in the JC when all the other children are mentioned in the late 1890s, early 1900s, either died before those dates or married out, lost contact etc. 
They are;
Joseph Jacobs born about 1828, Westminster can find him on 1841 census age 13, nothing concrete afterwards.
Judah Jacobs born about 1834 Westminster on 1851 census as Cigar Maker, no relevant Judah afterwards, there is one in Holborn but not him!
Samuel Jacobs born approx 1838, on 1851 census says he was born in Surrey but they lived in Westminster at the time, not on any other census I can see although there is a Samuel Jacobs from Lambeth married to a Elizabeth Wood, but doesn’t feel right.
Any guidance would be helpful and then I can check off all my other missing Jacobs across Jacob Jacobs and Philip Jacobs lines in New Zealand.[Debbie Bozkurt]

There are no BMD sites available for NZ, but I have marriage records from early times and electoral rolls for 1881 and 1893.
Also a new CD being put out by the NZ Society of Genealogist called Burial Locator.
Maybe I can help with these.
As a member of the NZSG I also have access to their library.
I’m not at home just now so I’ll have to wait until the weekend to start looking up some of the names you have mentioned.[June Keating]

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Mar 082008

 If any of you want to track down Phoebe daughter of Henry Jacobs snr and confirm she actually is the same person who married Abraham Aarons that would be great.

I have census data on the family from 1841 including Phoebe in 1881 living with her son in law Hess( his surname).[Phil Kirby]

The Phoebe Jacobs daughter of Henry Jacobs married a Cantor.

My mistake- for accurate data see my entries on the Jacobs family British Genealogy.[Phil Kirby]I think the entry for Abraham Cantor is the husband of Phoebe Jacobs

http://www.rebus.demon.co.uk/mi.htm[Phil Kirby]

These are some of the descendents of Abraham and Phoebe:

JACOB B1825-1912
HYMAN 1840-1903
JULIA 1842
[Phil Kirby]

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