Welcome to this web site dedicated to the descendants of David Jacobs aka David Litzen.

This website originated because a small group of distant cousins were emailing each other regarding their research into their Jacobs ancestors.

I thought that it would be sensible to gather our information together in a single database where it would be available for all to see – hence this website.

Because of the complexity, and time requirement, the database is largely limited to Jacobs with only a few offshoots getting a mention.

Where the information has been given, I have included each of the cousins’ direct connection back to ‘their’ Jacobs.

Possibly the best place to start is with what I call the BIG TREE. This is a top level tree showing David Jacobs and two generations of descendents. Each cousin is listed underneath their appropriate ancestor.

Additionally, I would suggest using the Search box as this will find items not obvious from the menu bar.

Please note that most of the articles bear my name as author, this is because I gathered them together and posted them. Where the work is plainly that of others, I have tried to credit them accordingly.

We welcome all new and returning visitors. Please feel free to investigate our site and the associated family tree database.

(Please note that logins for this site are not available, no data is hidden from view.

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