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Louis David Jacobs

Photographs of Louis David Jacobs' family
All photographs courtesy of Karen Gwinnett
Jacobs, Louis David.jpeg

Guatemalan Jacobs

All the photos in this section have been provided courtesy of Lucrecia Peinado
Percy Jacobs Meza.jpg


The Solomons of Australia
Miriam Solomon and daughters.jpg


Various members of the Samuel family that married into the Jacobs family
Photos supplied by Shlomo Katanka
Francis Holland School Lacrosse Team 1931 Annotated.jpg


Photographs, mainly modern, of Jacobs locations.
Mansell Street 2.jpg

New Zealand Jacobs

Photographs of New Zealand relatives
Victoria Catherine Reo Jameson.jpg

Various Individuals

People who don't justify an album of their own.


Items that don't fit elsewhere

Jacobs Platnauer

Harry Braham Jacobs' family and wife's 2nd family
From Shlomo Katanka
Jacobs, Byron and Jo - 1961 Annotated.jpg


The Brahams, originally Abraham, descend from Hannah Jacobs.
Sarah Ann Mackney.jpg

Australian Cousins

Photographs of Australian relatives
Joseph Samuel Solomon1.JPG

Alice Jacobs

Photographs showing Alice in her acting roles
Alice Jacobs - Orient Co-Front.jpg