Credits and Acknowledgements

Who to credit and who to acknowledge is difficult because we do not always know where the information has come from.

However it is possible to credit certain sources en masse

Great Synagogue and New Synangogue Transcriptions
Any reference to transcriptions from the Great and New Synagogue records, especially those referenced as GSM or GSB, have generally been obtained from the transcripts done by Angela Shire and hosted on the Synagoguescribes website which is a partner to cemeteryscribes. Рsee Sources on other sites for the link to both sites.

The Greenwood Map of London has been reproduced, in part, by kind permission of MOTCO Enterprises.

The Jewish Victorian – Doreen Berger
Doreen Berger granted permission for us to present partial transcripts from her two excellent books – see Sources on this site.

It is not our intent to misrepresent the work of others as our own.

If you come across anything which you feel breaches your copyright please use the ‘Contact Us‘¬†link to let me know where and what the problem is. Please be as specific as you can.