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What’s on this site? (A guide for new visitors and a refresher for existing users)


This site is in 2 parts:

  • A Content Management System called WordPress
  • A genealogy database called TNG


The database operates the same as most genealogy databases, showing data and relationships.

It is accessed through the tab labelled ‘Jacobs Tree’


This system allows me to store a variety of data that is not directly part of the genealogy database.

The main body of the screen is where selected information is displayed.

At the left and right are a selection of menus, some highlights are listed below


Use this to search within the WordPress system – all items are indexed and can be searched.

Main Menu

Contact Us An email form to get in touch with the webmaster for any questions or problems

Updates A list of updates that have been carried out

London Map A map courtesy of MOTCO showing the main area of London for the Jacobs

Jacobs Tree Database

Surnames The main entry point into the genealogy database – shows all surnames

Certificates A quick link to certificates in the database

Wills A quick link to wills in the database


People Articles written about individuals

Research Articles written to help with research

General Articles which don’t fit in the above 2 categories

Jottings These are extracts from emails that people have sent – useful snippets of information here.

Photograph Album

Gallery A selection of Jacobs photographs submitted by users


Sources on other sites A page of links to external sources of information

Sources on this site Links to sources stored on this site – mainly transcriptions

Latest Additions Simply a list of the most recently added articles

Most Wanted Information about our most wanted individuals