Most Wanted


These are the people on whom we most anxious to find information.

If you have any information about any of them, please let us know, using the Contact Us form.

David Jacobs 

David Jacobs (Litzen)David is the patriarch of the family and as such is of great importance to us.
We believe that he may have been born in Lietzen, Germany – hence the name. It is possible that he took the name Jacobs in memory of his father who may have been called Jacob.

David was certainly somethion of a character, being in court in several occasions for theft, or attempted theft of ribbon. One case at the age of 75 resulted in him being incarcerate in Newgate prison for 12 months.

His details can be found at David Jacobs

John Jacobs

Last seen age 10, 1861 27 ½ Duke Street, Aldgate London, father Henry Jacobs the Butcher. Do you know this man, did he sail off to the new world countries with your grandmother. If you have a John Jacobs in your family please let us know.

His details can be found at John Jacobs

Solomon Jacobs

Last seen age 19 4/34 Duke Street, Aldgate London, living with his father Henry and sister Sarah Swaebe (nee Jacobs), working as a Butcher. Do you have a Solomon Jacobs in your family, he may have remained in the butchers trade, I have searched high and low for him. I believe he was alive in 1911 as he was left a sum of money in his uncles will. Do you have a kosher butcher in your family?

Isaac and John Susman

Last seen age 13 and 9, 1901 368 Cold Harbour Lane, Brixton. Father was Julius Susman who owned an auctioneers in Railton Road Brixton and in Clapham. Do you have an Isaac or John Susman in your family tree if so please get in touch now.

Michael Jacobs

Last seen aged 28 in 1880 in prison serving 1 month for committing bigamy. Had ‘changed’ his name and was using Alfred Jacobs Beabe on his illegal wedding certificate. May also go under the name of Alfred Michael Jacobs or Michael Alfred Jacobs. Do you know where Michael is?

Aaron Jacobs

Last seen in 1861 102 Petticoat Lane aged 14, son of Eliza Jacobs a Butcher. Have you seen Aaron, did he travel to South Africa perhaps or one of the other new world countries, would love to find him.