My Jewish Connections 2

Thought I would share this with you, has anyone else had a strange coincidence?

My Mother is Jewish, I am at present researching her father’s line part of which is the Jacobs. Ezra Jacobs who we believe is our 1st Cousin somewhat removed was a butcher and lived and worked for a number of years at 8 Bell Lane, Whitechapel. He died in 1893 at the same address.

This where it gets strange my Great Grandfather on my mother’s side Sufsie Steiner married a Anna Lachman my Great Grandmother, her father was Isaac Lachman a butcher and they all lived at 8 Bell Lane in 1898 when they married and I know from naturalisation papers, Isaac Lachman arrived from Russian between 1893 and 1894, it looks like he moved straight into Ezra premises not long after he died.

This was 5 years before either my Grandmother or Grandfather was born, so it wasn’t through association but although I was told my Grandparents met through Brady Street Club, maybe they knew of their distant cousins through the butchers business, but probably just one of those many coincidences as the Steiner’s and Lachman were Russian immigrants who spoke no English when they arrived in the Uk in the late to middle 1890s

Debbie Bozkurt