Samuel Jacobs

Samuel Jacobs

This person is not, as far as we know (July 2011) connected but is included on the website for completeness.

Samuel Jacobs died 1842 at 22 Bury St., Saint Mary Axe.

He is in the 1841 census:-

HO 107/721 B11 F24 P14

22 Bury St Middx

Samuel Jacobs 70 dealer b in county

Elias Jacobs 35 dealer b in county

Sarah Levy Jacobs 15 b in county

Henry Levy Jacobs 9 b in county

Juliana Hyams FS 45

Samuel Hollander 41 Gentleman

George Hollander 33 Gentleman


Observation from Gerry Newnham:

Interestingly it doesn’t seem to mention Rebekah Levy’s children so perhaps her oldest child was already 21 before Samuel Jacobs died in 1842 and the proceeds of her estate had been distributed.


Observation from Phil Kirby:

I know these Hollanders. If you look at the original census page Samuel is actually aged 71 not 41. Samuel Hollander’s son George married Moses Joseph Cashmore’s daughter Esther (not my GGG grandmother – her first cousin).


This is where it gets interesting. Samuel wife Phoebe Abraham (m.1805) was the sister of the Victor Abraham (he dropped the ‘s’) who was an executor of Simon Levy’s will. Phoebe and Victor’s father (Philip Abrahams) was known as Paivel Goldstucker. Victor was a military embroiderer and you can guess by the name that Philip was too.


Godfrey Levy of the Strand (who married Sarah Crawcour) was from a family of jewellers and watchmakers but became an embroiderer. I’ve never been able to connect Victor’s Abrahams with mine but military embroidery is certainly a related trade to jewellery etc.


And then…


I have been in contact with Gaby Laws Synagogue Scribes regarding the Rebekah Levy and Simon Levy will because Abraham Kisch was on the site. She has said that Samuel Jacobs the grandfather in the Rebekah Levy will is:

Samuel Jacobs 22 Bury St died 1842. His children: Elias Jacobs; Lewis Jacobs ( wife Sophia); Judith wife of Samuel Solomon; Esther wife of Michael Cohen. The Synagogue Scribes references are:

Judith GSM/75/23; Lewis probably GSM 253/31; Esther GSM 137/30

Samuel Jacobs is Shmuel Herstfeld


Here’s his first marriage:





23 Apr





Shmuel s. of Hirsh Hirtsfeld*

Hendela d. of Moshe

*See JHSEMVI App 1708-1750 Accs. for possibly related Zanvil Hirtsfeld


And here’s his second:






7 Mar





Shmuel s. of Hirsh Hertsfeld

Miriam d. of Lezer



So his father’s name is Henry Jacobs.


Taking all of that into account I’ll be surprised if Samuel Jacobs isn’t more closely connected to your Jacobs lines than we can currently show.



His will follows (note that this is a transcript to make life easier)


This is the last Will and Testament of me Samuel Jacobs of No. 22 Bury Street, Saint Mary Axe in the city of London, Gentleman.

I direct that all my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses, be paid and satisfied by my Executors hereinafter named, as soon as conveniently may be after my decease.

I give devise and bequeath my freehold house, hereditaments, and premises situate No. 22 Bury Street aforesaid, unto my son Elias Jacobs, his heirs and assigns, for ever.

I give all and every my household furniture, linen, wearing apparel, books, plate, pictures and china (not hereinafter otherwise given or bequeathed) also unto my said son Elias Jacobs to and his own use and benefit absolutely.

I give my large cluster diamond ring to my daughter Judith the wife of Samuel Solomon. I give my large silver waiter to my son Lewis Jacobs. I give the sum of fifteen pounds (for the special purpose of purchasing either a ring or watch and chain of that value as a token) to my daughter Esther the wife of Michael Cohen, otherwise this bequest to be void.

I give my small diamond ring which I usually wear, to my daughter in law, Sophia the wife of my son Lewis Jacobs.

I give my silver bread basket, silver cruet, small silver waiter and two small silver cups and a silver stand which I use for Passover, a small silver goblet marked I S which I use every Friday and Saturday evening to make the Sabbath in and out and my diamond pin to the said Michael Cohen the husband of my said daughter Esther.

I give my gold watch chain and seal and two silver cups which I use for Passover to the said Samuel Solomon the husband of my said daughter Judith

I give the sum of fifty pounds to my servant Julia Hyams, as a small reward for her long and faithful services and I exceedingly regret my circumstances will not permit me to give her more.

I give the sum of twenty five pounds to my late servant Kitty now the wife of Joseph Joseph of Holywell Street, Shoreditch in the county of Middlesex, dealer in cloathes, and I direct that the two last mentioned legacies lastly hereinbefore given shall be paid within three calendar months next after my decease and free from the government duty. And I give to my Executors such a sum of money as will be sufficient to pay the government duty on the said legacies and direct them to apply such sum in payment thereof accordingly.

I give the sum of ten pounds to my servant Sarah Reynolds, and I direct that the said last mentioned legacy shall be paid to the said Sarah Reynolds within three calendar months next after my decease.

I give the sum of ten pounds to my dear and particular friend Edward Isaac Sydney of No. 7 Liverpool Street, Bishopsgate Street, to purchase a mourning ring as a token of respect to me.

And I direct my Executors as soon as conveniently may be after my decease to distribute the sum of fifteen pounds, equally between and among thirty deserving poor females of the Jewish persuasion.

Original so {

} interlined

and signed

And I also direct my Executors to distribute the sum of fifteen pounds on the burial ground at the time of my funeral among so many deserving poor people of the Jewish persuasion as may be then present as the said sum will answer at the rate of five shillings each.

All the rest and residue of my estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever, both real and personal, whether in possession or reversion, remainder, or expectancy (after payment of all my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses and after payment and satisfaction of the several legacies and bequests hereinbefore bequeathed by this my will), I give devise and bequeath the same unto, and to be equally divided between and amongst, my said four children, the said Elias Jacobs, Lewis Jacobs, Judith the wife of the said Samuel Solomon and Esther the wife of Michael Cohen as tenants in common to and for his, her and their own use and benefit absolutely.

I nominate constitute and appoint the said Elias Jacobs, Lewis Jacobs, Michael Cohen and Samuel Solomon to be Executors of this my will. and hereby revoking all former or other wills and testaments by me at any time therefore made, I declare this to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I the said Samuel Jacobs, have, to this my last will and testament, set my hand the twenty third day of December one thousand eight hundred and forty one – S Jacobs

Signed by the Testator, Samuel Jacobs, and acknowledged by him to be his last will and testament, in the presence of us present at the same time, and subscribed by us in the presence of the said Testator and of each other, an interlineation between the twentieth first and twenty second lines ten words in the forty ninth line erased with a pen, an interlineation between the forty ninth and fiftieth lines and interlineation between the fiftieth and fifty first lines and five words in the fiftieth and fifty first lines erased with a pen being first interlined and erased

Thos Smith, 44 Union Street, Whitechapel, Simon Ascher, 5 Bury Street, St Mary Axe.

Proved at London 5th February 1842 before the worshipful John Haggard, Doctor of Laws and Surrogate by the oaths of Elias Jacobs and Lewis Jacobs, the sons, and Michael Cohen and Samuel Solomon the Executors to whom Administration was granted having been first sworn duly to administer.

Notes: Wills have no punctuation or paragraphs in them but I have added them here to make it more readable.
Where a question mark appears in this transcript it is because I am not sure of the word.