Rebekah Levy

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Rebekah Levy

During his research Gerry Newnham came across the will of Rebekah Levy and obtained a copy on the off-chance that she may be related.

Unfortunately at this time (2 July 2011) we have not made a connection but the base information is here just in case.

From Phil Kirby (20/06/2011)

I have been in contact with Gaby Laws Synagogue Scribes regarding the Rebekah Levy and Simon Levy will because Abraham Kisch was on the site. She has said that Samuel Jacobs the grandfather in the Rebekah Levy will is:

Samuel Jacobs 22 Bury St died 1842. His children: Elias Jacobs; Lewis Jacobs ( wife Sohia); Judith wife of Samuel Solomon; Esther wife of Michael Cohen. The Synagogue Scribes references are:

Judith GSM/75/23; Lewis probably GSM 253/31; Esther GSM 137/30

Samuel Jacobs is Shmuel Herstfeld

I have not looked further and Samuel doesn’t mean anything to me at present.

From Gerry Newnham (20/06/2011)

Elias Jacobs is mentioned in Rebekah Levy’s will.

It doesn’t look as if Samuel and Elias Jacobs are related to our Jacobs – but I would still like to know if Rebekah Levy is related to Simon Levy. If Samuel Jacobs was the children’s grandfather would that make him Rebekah’s father?

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