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I’d just like to say thank you to the people who kindly sent their feedback to me – it is most useful.

Thanks must also got to those of you who continue to supply much of the raw data that I use for the website.



Pesman / Pesman-Capua

Eileen Bird has recently given me some more information on the Pesman family (Lewis Pesman married Jane Jacobs)

Including a marriage entry from the synagogue and a will. Eileen also pointed me to three entrie s in the Old Bailey relating to the family ( 2 for John and 1 for Lewis)

Lewis Pesman also earned himself a bankruptcy mention in the London Gazette.

Based on this extra information I have been able to update their records.

There is an attorney’s clerk called Henry Jacobs who gets a mention in John’s 1829 trial – our Henry? The 1829 trial also gives us John’s age so giving us a date of birth.

In 1828 Lewis Pesman is at the Old Bailey as the victim of theft. He mentions that he is married with 1 child. The first child that we know about so far is Mark (a.k.a. Mordecai) born about 1831 so is there another child before Mark?


There is an entry for Lewis Pesman Capua’s burial on CemeteryScribes [http://www.cemeteryscribes.com/getperson.php?personID=I8841&tree=Cemeteries] which gives his date of birth ([28] June 1811) and age at death (6[2]) The age contradicts that on the death certificate (66) but is more in keeping with his birth which we have from the 1841 & 1851 censuses as well as his tombstone.


Added census entries for Emanuel & Catherine Pesman


Amelia Pesman / Emma Pesman / Emma Lyons

In the 1851 census Emanuel Pesman is married to Catherine Lyons and they have a niece with them called Emma Lyons with them. Emma is still with them in 1861 but is now using the name Emma Pesman. She further changes her name to Amelia Emma Pesman by the time she marries Benjamin Noah Da Costa in 1866. They in turn drop the Da Costa!


Whilst in New Zealand they have a son called Samuel who then becomes Benjamin, then Emanuel and finally a complete change to Godfrey A Yates!


Eileen has kindly supplied both marriage certificates for Amelia and the Hebrew one for her marriage to Benjamin.





Nancy Jacobs (nee Cohen)

Thanks to Phil for finding her correct death in the Australian papers – I’ve corrected my entry.

However we now need to find out who Mrs S Barnett (a daughter) of 340 Pitt Street, Sydney was.



Katrina and Jenny have supplied a number of death certificates – thanks.

Also added photograph of Miriam and her daughters.



Jenny recently found two death notices in the Australian press.

“ISAACS – On the 14th? January, at London, S.B. Isaacs, of Tobago, West Indies, aged 61: and on the 3rd February, at London, R.B. Isaacs, aged 71, brother and sister of Mrs A.J.Solomon of this city”


Now we know that Mrs A H Solomon is Julia Solomon, nee Isaacs, so this must refer to her brother Solomon and sister Rachel but where has the Baber/Beber come from.


From the BMD indexes and the census we couldn’t find an answer, so the question was are they the right family?

Thankfully Jenny got both death certificates and the one for Rachel Beber Isaacs gives her address as 34 Duke Street and the informant as her nephew, Solomon Jacobs. This confirms the connection. At this point it is not possible to confirm Solomon Baber Isaacs but I have added his death certificate as a probable.


Added some photographs to the photo album courtesy of Jenny & Katrina



Sarah Isaacs, wife of Judah

Thanks to both Roderick and Jenny for copies of her death certificate




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