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Lewis & Milcah Jacobs + The Levy Family

Phil Kirby has found Lewis and family in the 1841 census which allows us to add 3 extra children: Marian, David & Joseph.

Phil also asks the question about Milcah in the 1861 census.

We have Milcah as ‘Mother’, a widow, immediately followed by R Cohen, Head, Married

Then we have Leah Jacobs, sister

And then Angle Cohen, daughter.

Further investigation by Phil and myself appears to have resolved the issue.

The 1861 entries have R Cohen and Angel Cohen the wrong way round for gender.

R Cohen is Rachel Jacobs.

She married Alexander Cohen in 1845 and their SON, Angel, was born in 1846.

In 1841 we found what appeared to be 2 more children for Milcah, living with an Eliza Levy.

Phil then went on to find Elizabeth Levy’s will which proved that she was Milcah’s mother.

The will and a transcript can be found by selecting ‘Wills’, from ‘Jacobs Database’ on the main page. It is a very informative will, well worth reading as an example of how codicils can reflect changes in family dynamics.

Phil and I have put together an article outlining what we have found. It is on the website under Articles, People

Still on the Levy’s there is some confusion regarding who David Levy married.

Using the entries in Berger leads us to believe that his wife was the sister of Moss Davids, and at least two trees on Ancestry go along with this theory. I had already entered her into the database as Catherine Davids until Phil found a mention of her on Synagogue Scribes which attributes her to be the sister of Isaac Levy. “sister Catherine wife of David Levy of Hemmings Row, tailor and habit maker.” I bought the will and it refers to her numerous times.

A possible cause of the confusion is: In older wills, ‘in laws’ are commonly referred to as just brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, etc. without the ‘in law’ suffix. Pasted from <http://www.ancestor-search.info/src-wills.htm>

I believe that this is the most likely explanation but it does make me wonder why that sister in law, and why didn’t he mention any of his own children?

At present I have left her entry as Davids but with Levy as an alternative name until the situation can be clarified.

Crushed Iron Bedstead

Phil spotted an interesting reference to Samuel Levy Hemmings Row- The United Service Magazine 1841 had an account of officer life in India and there was reference to an iron bed which had been destroyed in an earthquake…. “ crushing an iron bedstead, which of course, had never been warranted by Mr Samuel Levy of Hemmings Row..”

In the 1841 London Trade Directory I saw Samuel Levy naval and military outfitter, portable and camp furniture manufactory 28 King William Street Strand. I suspect that this is an off shoot of his Hemmings Row business.

There maybe another interesting connection because in 1851 census Moses Aaron  son of Aaron Aarons clothier and Catherine Crawcour is a bedstead maker. Given the family links between the Levy/Crawcour/Jacobs there maybe this additional link.


Phil reminds us that we may have unknown Litzen/Jacobs- the 2008 notes and Synagogue Scribes show entries for 2 burials where the father is Israel Litzin ( 1799-1800; 1803). Note also that there are 3 entries where the surname is spelt the same – Koppel b David Litzin 1799-1800; Jacob Litzin 1809.

David Jacobs [Son of Ralph]

We already had him in the 1841 and 1851 census and knew of his marriage to Emily Cottrell but whilst looking for David, son of Lewis & Milcah, Phil & I came across David and Emily in 1881 and 1901.

In both cases he is a Glass Dealer and has a Nellie Greenland with him. In 1901 she is a Visitor but in 1881 she is his granddaughter.

Further research revealed that David & Emily had a daughter called Emily who married William Frederick Greenland.

I now have David in all censuses from 1841 – 1911 inclusive. In the 1861 he is indexed as Laura Jacks on the Ancestry site but correctly on the FindMyPast site. Useful to have two sites to look at.

David and Emily’s second daughter, Eliza, is described as an ‘Imbecile’ in 1891 and 1901

Julia Isaacs – Abraham Solomon

At the beginning of February I published a request from Jenny & Katrina Cowen requesting information about Julia Isaacs.

Thanks to the excellent response it has been possible to confirm the connection.

Julia Isaacs was the sister of Rebecca Isaacs who married Henry Jacobs [Z 085].

I have added all the new information, about 70 people.

Because it is such a big addition I have created a temporary site showing just these new people:-


Whilst this strays somewhat from my intention to keep as close to the Jacobs as possible, I felt that Jenny & Katrina’s work justified being added.

Hopefully with help from Jenny & Katrina I will be putting together an article to explain the Isaacs/Solomon family tree in the not too distant future.

The story is a fascinating tale of a convict (Emanuel Solomon) made good.

Also from Jenny & Katrina

Samuel Solomon was Emanuel (of convict fame’s) first born son. Emanuel sent his son to London to be educated but obviously the poor soul die there. Emanuel must have been devastated ( as he really was a very good father) and I feel for poor Samuel, 15 years old sick with typhoid for 3 weeks before he died, no parents with him. Emanuel could not have gone to England as he only had a Ticket of Leave and Celia, Samuel’s mother had died in 1852.

Jenny asks..

“Do any of you know what cemetery the lad would have been interred in, and how would I find out if there is a head stone?”

Visit to Brighton Records Centre

Last October I visited the Brighton Records Centre looking for information on the Jacobs.

I didn’t find a great deal, mainly directory and electors register entries.

I have created an article on the website with the details.

It includes an outline map of where they lived and a modern day photograph

Brighton Marriages

In February I visited the West Sussex Record Office in Lewes to look at their extracts of marriages from the Middle Lane Synagogue in Brighton. I didn’t expect to find any of ‘our’ Jacobs as the dates weren’t right but I thought it might be sensible to note anything where Jacobs was involved.

As expected, nothing of any interest was found although it did highlight the vagaries of where events are recorded as there was at least one marriage that took place in London but was recorded in Brighton.

Of passing interest is that there was a Matilda Silverstone in 1892. This caught my attention because Ellen Jacobs nee Silverstone was in Brighton in the 1860’s and it is not a common name (1891 census lists only 181)

The short list can be found in Sources, Sources on this site from the home page.

Lawrence Jacobs [Z 031] son of Lawrence & Catherine Jones

Phil Kirby has found a passenger list entry in 1865 between Melbourne and Hokitika

“Laurence Jacobs age 3 and Mrs Jacobs 30 who left Victoria on the Gothenburg for Hokitika NZ Nov 1865”

I can’t find the exact same entry but two others confirm it, albeit without ages..



At that time there was a gold rush around Hokitika so a good number of people were travelling there.

If we accept that this is our Laurence and his mother then who is looking after the baby?

Lawrence & Catherine had a son, David, on February 1865, I would have expected him to be with his mother.

Another possible option is Laurence Jnr’s mother – She was Catherine Jones.

When Lawrence Snr married Catherine O’Regen in 1865 he is described as being a bachelor.

Has he in fact actually just left Catherine and is it she who is travelling with her son?


I have now added these newsletters to the website. They can be found on the home page Main Menu under Newsletters.


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