Firstly my apologies to everyone for not having kept the website up to date for a few months.

Various reasons including decorating, laying a new floor and looking at the other side of my tree plus some technical problems.

Having just been made redundant I am using the spare time to tidy things up and deal with some very old emails!

Changes this time:-

Updated Big tree

Added Margaret Brookes

Added Gareth Jacobs

Update to the Pelvin family courtesy of Winsome Griffin.

Hilary Soper sent me some information and certificates for the Benmoya- Swaebe side which I have added.

Belatedly updated the Levy family (descendents of Daniel Levy and Amelia Jacobs) courtesy of information received from Carol last year.

Lynda Kelly has been especially busy :-

Added Marriage certificate for Minnie Jacobs & James Gardner

Added information on the children of Minnie Jacobs

Added a whole new photo album (Minnie Jacobs) courtesy of Lynda.

Lynda is descended from Henry Jacobs with Elizabeth Twine.

David Gardner who is also descended from Henry also contributed information regarding Minnie & James Gardner including an excellent newspaper cutting regarding Minnie’ Diamond wedding anniversary. [Lynda also sent a copy but David’s arrived first J]

Corrected two errors in the database:

Jean Lark was the name of Sydney George Jacob’s first wife, not Jean Edlin as was originally shown. Also Dennis Jacobs was their son, not the son of Sydney by his second wife.

Thanks to Sydney’s grandson Gareth Jacobs for the corrections.

Cosmetic changes:-

In response to comments from a couple of people whose work is cited within the pages of the website I have added a ‘Credits and Acknowledgments’ section.

The family tree database has had a bit of a facelift – I was bored with the old colour scheme, but is functionally unchanged.

Also I’ve added a new viewer module so that when looking at source images they are contained within a frame and you can zoom in and out to suit your needs. This is a bit friendlier and tidier.

Storage Space:-

We now have some extra space available on the server so anyone wanting to submit photos, or other material, (preferably relating to people already in the database), please feel free to send them to me.