Hi Everyone

It’s been quiet for a while and I haven’t had chance to do any serious research for a few months.

However I have received some information from other people, including a couple of new ‘cousins’

Steve Jacobs in New Zealand has just started out on his family tree – he is the grandson of Lawrence Albert Jacobs who comes from Moses Jacobs & Sarah Levy.

Robert Ward, whose wife descends from one of Edward Lawrence Levy’s uncles) has found references to Edward Lawrence Levy in the Old Bailey records.

[I’ve added Robert’s email as a ‘Jotting’ – just use the Search box on the home page and enter ‘Edward Lawrence Levy’]

Also based on Robert’s information, I’ve added 5 other children to Edward & Charlotte, plus their 1861 census.

I carried out a search and found four entries (2 of which mention sons):

Charged with fraud in 1870. Age about 42. He is referred to as having been a solicitor in Bow Street in 1865. Reference is made to Levy having a brother in Australia. Mentions that he had been in Paris. Not Guilty. (Ref: t18700711-582)

He appears as a witness in the Old Bailey records in 1874 as Managing Clerk to a solicitor called Lind (Ref: t18740817-516)

Charged with fraud in 1879. Age about 53. “He is again indicted” refers to an earlier event.

Another mention of Paris, with several witnesses coming to England to testify. Reference to a son, Daniel Levy who is a clerk with Messrs Fisher. Guilty – 18 months imprisonment.

(Ref: t18790526-562)

Charged with perverting the course of justice by suborning person to commit perjury. 1882 aged about 58. Also charged are his sons Daniel (28) and Henry Levy (26) and two other men.

Edward: Guilty, 5 years prison. Daniel & Henry: Guilty, 12 months hard labour

Gerry Newnham has been given me a couple of pointers on the family of David Jacobs of Brighton.

David had two other children that I didn’t know about:-

Maurice Albert Jacobs and David Albert Jaacobs.

David Albert was born in Q1 1892 in St Giles, London.

Maurice Albert was born Q4 1890 in St Giles, London.

Thanks to this information I’ve managed to find the family (David, Emma, Philip) in the 1891 census

I’ve found David Albert and his sister, Ellen Dorothy, in the 1911 census, living in Brentford.

In 1901, David senior is dead, Ellen is living with her cousin, George Robinson, and his daughter May in Acton. She has four children with her: Philip, Maurice, David Albert (listed as Albert) and Ellen.

In the 1911 census we find that George & Emma are now married (actually it’s not until OND 1911 when they marry)

I was also asked whether we have considered the following:-

In the 1695 Census of London there is a family living in the parish of St James, Dukes Place (Dukes Place being a continuation of Bevis Marks) consisting of:

Joseph Jacobs, Father

Cyrilia Jacobs, Mother

Jacob Jacobs, son

Nathan Jacobs, Son

(No indication of age given.)

Has Jacob Jacobs (son of Joseph Jacobs) been considered as a candidate for Jacob Litzen?

Also, it would appear that there is a place called Liezen in Styria, Austria.

Eileen Bird, who descends from Amelia Jacobs via Lewis Pesman Capua has given me loads of information on the Capuas, including the wills of Mordecai and Hannah Capua which make excellent reading, and I have added as much of the information as I can. [Quickly find the wills by using the ‘Wills’ link on the homepage under ‘Jacobs Database’.

I suggest that you read Eileen’s notes which I have posted as a ‘Jotting’ – just use the Search box on the home page and enter ‘Pesman Capua’ and if the Pesman/Capua tree is your area of interest, start with Mordecai in the database.

Lewis apparently inherited a fortune from his grandfather, Mordecai Capua, when he died in 1840 [1840 JFM E London 2 151 or London 2 115] .

However by 1851 Lewis was in Debtor’s prison (see 1851 census).

He took his grandfather’s name (Capua).

According to Mordecai’s will, a small amount of money was left to each of Lewis’ children.

The will mentions John Pesman, husband of daughter Esther.

The house in St James Place (or Dukes Place as it was known), was left to Hannah Fano, Mordecai’s second wife, until her death which was November 1840 [1840 OND London 2 115].

Hannah’s will left all but small amounts to Lewis Pesman Capua.

Both wills are on the website

Lewis and his brother Emanuel died within a week of each other in November 1873 [Emanuel Pesman, age 78 1873 OND Bethnal Green 1c 195]

Elaine’s theory is that Jane, Lewis’ wife, took off with his money and went to Australia with their son, Mark, coming looking for her later.

Does anyone know which order they went to Australia?

Eileen has also found the following:-

I just saw this in Bevis Marks records abstracts of Ketubot:

Samuel de Massod Shannon and Miriam de Uri Sheraga Phais (bar David, also known as Phillip Jacobs 7 Nisan 5573 (1813)

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

A quick observation on recording the Pesman/Capua family:

Lewis Pesman married Jane Jacobs as Pesman

However he is often referred to as Lewis Pesman Capua, having added his mother’s maiden name as his surname.

Reading the wills of Mordecai and Hannah Capua always refer to him as Lewis Pesman Capua and his children are also named as Pesman Capua.

In the database he remains Pesman but has an alias as Pesman Capua.

Big Tree has been updated to include Steve and Gerry. I can’t really add Eileen because she doesn’t actually descend from the Jacobs unfortunately.