Hi Everyone


The website has been running for just over a year now and it seems to be attracting some attention.


Not a large update this time, I’m afraid I’ve not had chance for much genealogy lately and I’ve let things get a bit behind.


I’ve finally managed to add the Greenwood 1930 map of London that I’ve been promising for ages. Some of the pages are quite big so loading is not particularly fast.

As part of the copyright agreement that I have with the supplier only certain areas are available for viewing. You can see more if you visit the MOTCO website.

We have 2,168 of the 8,579 available streets index linked (I have only inserted links to streets in our area of the map)

Added Donna Wilder as descendent of Henry Jacobs & Elizabeth Twine

Added Donna to the ‘Big Tree’

Added a link to the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program on the Sources on other sites page, courtesy of Debbie Bozkurt


Best wishes to everyone