I hope that you are a all well.


Not a great deal to report  but many thanks to Gerry Newnham for the following:


o Birth certificate of Rosa Silverstone which shows her mother was Hannah Harris

o 1850 census for Cincinnati. This shows an Abraham Harris who Gerry believes could be Hannah’s younger brother based on a ship’s manifest he found.

o Ships’ manifest showing Hannah Silverstone and her children travelling from Liverpool to New Orleans with a final destination of  Illinois. – I not that they travelled steerage class.

o Death Certificate of David Jacobs [Z 265] son of Henry Jacobs and Ellen Silverstone

o Birth Certificate of Emma Brown (wife of David Jacobs above) which gives her parents.

o Old Bailey entries for Jacob and Ellen Silverstone, as the injured party.


Gerry has also found a Trade Card for a John Jacob who may, or may not, be connected. I don’t think it’s time to put the image up yet, but here are Gerry’s comments :-


I acquired the attached trade card for John Jacob from the V&A when I was investigating what they might know about the Jacobs – which is nothing, apart from the trade card.

They date the card to about 1765-1770. Golden Square is between Beak Street and Brewer Street, Soho and Mary Le Bone Street is now called Glasshouse Street. I have only just made the connection!

I don’t see any mention of this chap on the web site – do we think he might be related? There was also a Nathan or Nathaniel Jacob(s) selling lustre ware in Rathbone Place, to the north of Oxford Street – don’t know whether he is related to John.

The only other lead was a list of glass manufacturers which I need to track down – should be at the Guildhall Library but a lot of their stock has been moved.”



I’ve been contacted by Judith Wellard regarding a possible connection with Myra Hess the pianist.

Phil Kirby has done some preliminary work on this in the past (search for ‘Phoebe  Jacobs’ from the home page.

I am trying to find time to gather Phil and Judith’s work together to see if we can substantiate it – any help gratefully received.