Hi All


Apologies that it has been so long since I last did an update but life has been a bit hectic and I haven’t had any real time for genealogy.


Apart from the additions listed below, Peter Wales and I have been looking into proving that Elizabeth Twine was Henry Jacobs’ 2nd ‘wife’

To this end we have put together a justification which is published on the web site under Articles, People with the title “Henry Jacobs, Ellen Silverstone and Elizabeth Twine [2]”, snappy eh?


We would like as many of you as possible to read it and let us know your thoughts – hopefully people will agree that we have made a sufficiently good case to justify adding Elizabeth Twine and family to the published tree.


Apologies to Phil for not yet having time to put up the info that he has sent, I’ll do it as soon as possible.



Added parents & siblings for Ellen Silverstone based on 1850 US Census

Added 2 more images of Alice Jacobs to the photograph album

Added photo of Alfred, Lucille and George Bristowe to photograph album

Added link to GenPals cemetery records under the photograph’s section

Corrected some details on Alfred Stine Bristow’s record

Updated Henry Jacobs’ record – added death certificate

Updated Ellen Silverstone’s record – added death certificate, 1850 census, parents & siblings