Hi to everyone.


Firstly I must apologise for being out of circulation for so long but with two holidays quite close together and trying to redecorate my ‘office’ I haven’t had time to do any real work on either the website or genealogy in general. I promise to get some serious work done in the next few weeks before my next holiday in Spetember.



Added Sue Warrington, a new member,  to the ‘BigTree’ page


Earlier this year Phil found some useful information in the book “Yddish Civilisation: The Rise and Fall of a Forgotten Nation” by Paul Kriwaczek.

I have been trying to get the publisher to grant us permission to publish a couple of extracts from the book on the web site. Unfortunately they have been less than forthcoming and after my last email to them they were still unsure and also mentioned a fee, and a time limit, at which point I switched off.

If anyone hasn’t received the transcript from Phil please let me know and I will oblige.


Added death certificate for Moses Jacobs, courtesy of Peter Wales


Added photograph of Louise Heller to photo gallery (Jacobs-Levy-Swaebe), courtesy of Debie Bozkurt