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Tip for locating streets in the census.

The National Archives have a project  called ‘Your Archives’ which contains, amongst other things, a partial set of street indexes to the many of the censuses.


Using this I discovered that Berwick Street is missing from the 1841 census.

London Metropolitan Archives

The LMA have a searchable catalogue which gives summaries of records.


A quick search revealed that :

Moses Jacobs [Z009] was standing bail for various people in his capacity as Solicitor.

Mary Benjamin, wife of Ralph Jacobs [Z069] accused another woman of using counterfeit money.

Henry Jacobs [Z007] denies standing bail for John Phillips

I found 10 definite entries but there may be other that can only be confirmed by inspecting the records. The entries serve mainly to identify location at a given time. Moses can’t make his mind up whether he is a solicitor or a glass dealer.

Easiest way to see the list that I’ve created is to visit the website, click on ‘Search Database’, click on ‘Sources’ and search for ‘London’

Updated information:

Solomon Jacobs

I was recently contacted, via the website, by Anne Tong regarding Solomon Jacobs, wondering why he wasn’t featured on the website.

Simple answer – we didn’t know about him! (Actually we did because  Debbie Bozkurt had posted a ‘Most Wanted’ notice for him, but nothing else had happened since and I’d forgotten about it.)

Henry Jacobs [Z085] married Rebecca Isaacs and thanks to Roderick we knew about the family, or so we thought. I hadn’t been able to find the family in any census after 1861.

When Ann contacted me, I searched 1871 again and found them without any trouble – I can only assume that when I first looked they were either mis-indexed or not indexed at all.

Anyway thanks to Anne we now have them in 1861 and 1871. We also have this  Solomon.

I’ll repeat Anne’s email here:

Solomon Jacobs changed his name in 1916 to Alfred Edwards but was known by his new name well before that. I have a marriage certificate of a friend dated 1908 which I believe is signed by him as a witness as  Alfred Edwards.  I have his birth certificate..he was born at 271/2 Duke Street parents Henry Jacobs (butcher, master) and Rebecca formerly Isaacs…18th June 1861…I could get copy of the deed of name change…I also have a copy of his will… written 23rd May 1924 but I believe he had died by 3 july 1926 when one of his daughters married. He was a Licensed Victualler. I haven’t yet found his marriage certificate but I know that the family was still at 271/2 Duke Street in 1871…including Solomon….my black hole is 1891 for Solomon/Alfred … which would tell us an awful lot probably….I have sent for birth certificate of one of Solomon’s daughters in an attempt to identify who exactly he married …and we don’t know when…although family members have various stories..

Since then Anne has kindly sent me Solomon’s birth certificate which is now on the site along with the 1871 and 1881 census entries.

More information will be available in the near future.

Added Solomon Jacobs to the database

Birth certificate for Solomon (Courtesy of Anne Tong)

Added sister for Rebecca Isaacs, Rachael, born Amsterdam.

Added 1871 & 1881 census for Henry Jacobs & family

101 Berwick Street/Oxford Street

In 1840 we find Lewis Jacobs [Z071] there appearing as a witness in a court case.

In 1846 we find Moses Jacobs [Z009]  there standing bail for a woman called Jane Jones

In the 1841 census Berwick Street is apparently missing.

Sister, Sarah, for Phillis Jacobs (Wassertrager)

Ben Moya/Swaebe

Found an additional child for  Henry & Sarah Ben Moya / Swaebe in the 1891 census. Sarah has a son, Henry living with her. Henry was born in Toronto about 1870.

My apologies to Hilary Soper for missing some information that she sent me in January 2009.

For some reason there were a couple of scans that she sent and I didn’t get round to adding. Just found them now.

Sorry Hilary

Added birth certificate and details for Rebecca Benmoya Swaebe.

There are  2 additional certificates that Hilary sent me that I hadn’t added possibly because I hadn’t realised their significance – I can’t remember.

David Swaebe marrying Jessey Benmoya in 1844 (Jessy was married to Isaac Ben Moya and is Daniel’s mother. Unfortunately I can’t read the surname of Jessey’s father.

The birth of David Barnet Swaebe to David Jenkins Swaebe and Annie Swaebe (nee  Watski)

In the 1851 census Daniel and Jessy Swaebe  with their children including  Daniel who was born in Brazil , are all shown as Swaebe.


My apologies for not having time to update everything that I’ve been sent.

I am taking a laptop to France on the 10th and will try and tear myself away from the wine, food and sunshine long enough to get up to date. Unfortunately I will not have Internet access so I won’t actually be able to do an update of the site until after I get home.