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Added birth cert for Emanuel Noah DaCosta – courtesy Eileen Bird

Death Certificate for John Pesman

Thanks to Eileen Bird for 5 wills for the Pesman family

Lots of information, certificates and censuses added to Lewis Pesman and family

Jacobs – 1695 Census

Eileen Bird pointed me to this census, which I wasn’t aware of.

There is an entry for several Jacobs:-

Jacobs, :

David; Rose, w; Eve, d; Sar, d; Jud, d; Moredecai, s; Frummutt, d, St James, Duke’s Place (page 8)

Edith, ser, St Katharine Cree (page 22)

Eliz, wid; Rob, s; Anna, w, St Michael, Bassishaw (page 14)

Jas, bach, £600, St Dionis Backchurch (page 13)

John, app, St Margaret, Lothbury (page 30)

Jos; Cyrilia, w; Jac, s; Nat, s, St James, Duke’s Place (page 6)

Jos; Frummutt, w; Jonathan, s; Isaack, s; Binah, d, St James, Duke’s Place (page 9)

Simon, ser, St Edmund, Lombard Street (page 4)

Wm, bach, St Lawrence Jewry (page 14)

(Nothing like Letson and its variations)


Link to article: http://www.quarlton.org.uk/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=195:1695-census-of-london&catid=37:miscellaneous

Samuel Jacobs

Phil and Gerry have done some work on this, as yet, unconnected Jacobs.

The work, which includes his will, is published so that it can be found by searchers.

Link to article: http://www.quarlton.org.uk/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=196:samuel-jacobs&catid=37:miscellaneous


Thanks to Phil and Gerry for Simon Levy’s will which has been attached to his record.

Also to Gerry for finding another copy with Admon attached.

In the will there is reference to 3 sons-in-law.

One of them, Moses Jacobs, married Simon’s daughter Sarah.

The other two, Mark Emanuel and Abraham Kisch obviously married two other daughters whose names we don’t know as yet.

We also have the will of Rebekah Levy but as yet we have nothing to connect her with ‘our’ Levys.

I have attached the will and some notes to the Joomla part of the website so that if anyone searches, it will be there.

Link to article: http://www.quarlton.org.uk/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=193:rebekah-levy&catid=37:miscellaneous

Susman / Jacobs

Thanks to Phil for finding Jane’s death and will index, she left £1,516 to her husband, Julius.

Julius lived on in the same house until 1937 when he left £19, 747 to his son Henry and daughter Sophie.

Phil has also found an entry at TNA for Julius Susman being Naturalised in 1903


Updated some census entries for the family

Isaiah Lazarus (married Esther Capua, daughter of Jane Jacobs) was for many years associated with the West London Synagogue. Synagogue Keeper (1881), Superintendant of Synagogue (1891), Beadle at Synagogue (1901)