· Updated sources for numerous entries based on the certificates etc received.

· Two items to draw your attention two are a new photograph of Isabella Proctor, nee Jacobs, and the Removal Order concerning Moses and Hannah Jacobs.

These can be found in Photograph Album and Articles, People.

· Next month, 3rd September, Phil Kirby and I are going to visit the Mormon London Family History Centre to look through the Great Synagogue records to see what we might find. A lot of these have been transcribed by Angela Shire but not all. It has also been pointed out that some entries may not have been transcribed as fully as we might like.

We will obviously publish anything that we find.

· Added following certificates etc kindly provided by:-

Helen Redmond:

Marriage Cert – Jacobs-David – Nathan-Martha

Marriage Cert – Jacobs-Isabella  – Proctor-Charles

Marriage Cert – Jacobs-Leah – Simons-Joseph

Marriage Cert – Jacobs-Moses – Wolly-Julia

Marriage Cert – Leah Jacobs – Marks-Philip

Marriage Cert – Jacobs, Elizabeth – Lazarus, Moses

Death Cert – Jacobs, Martha [Z422]

Death Cert – Jacobs, Isabella [Z446]

Death Cert – Jacobs, David [Z421]

Birth Cert – Jacobs, Henry [Z425]

Photograph: Isabella Proctor (nee Jacobs) & Betty Cormack [In Photograph Album]

Removal Order for Moses Jacobs [Z067] – a brilliant document! [See short article under Articles, People]

Debbie Bozkurt:

Death Cert – Dias, Daniel

Death Cert – Capua, Lewis (Pesman)

Death Cert – Jacobs, Phyllis [Z115]

Marriage Cert – Jacobs, Sarah [Z091] & Daniel Ben Moya/Swaebe

Marriage Cert – Jacobs, Michael [Z103] & Leah Schneider

Death Notice – Jacobs, Ezra (Houser) ex Jewish Chronicle

Will – Jacobs, Jane (Capua/Dias) [Z091]

· I have recently read a number of comments on a forum that I subscribe to, regarding the managing of notes.

Everyone has their own way of keeping notes but we all use paper and pen as the basic tool, but it can often be difficult to find something.

There exist several computer programs that are designed to help with this and I thought that I would mention a few here in case anyone is interested.

Clooz – approximate $40

This one is aimed at the genealogist specifically.


A 30 day/15 tries download is available

There are also general purpose programs

Microsoft OneNote – Approx £60

The most well known one.


A 60 day trial is available for download

AnyNotes $25

This is also available for use on Windows Mobile devices


There are a couple of free programmes as well

NoteIt   £Free


KeyNote  £Free