I hope that everyone is keeping well – especially those of you in Australia with all the weather you’ve been having. Unfortunately I don’t know what areas everyone down there is in.

It’s been 6 weeks since I sent the last update so there’s a reasonable amount to tell you.


Carol Ann Swaebe Stephen has been in touch regarding her Great Great Grandfather, David Swaebe. Thanks to Carol we have been able to add some extra details to the Swaebe part of the tree including some half-siblings for Daniel Ben Moya Swaebe.

You can see Carol’s tree on Ancestry – Stephen Tree (Easiest way is to search for David Swaebe)

Roy Parker

I forgot to credit Roy Parker for his work with Gerry on Adeline Jacobs, Roy’s name has now been added to the article credit.

Phillis Jacobs

Roderick has recently sent me a copy of Phillis Jacobs’ death certificate. Her death was registered by Nathan Barnett not her husband Jacob (John) and more interestingly her husband is listed as being Angel Jacobs – another little mystery.

Susie Freeman

Carol Freeman’s daughter, Susie, recently got married. Her husband and his parents have been added to the tree.


I was recently contacted by two ladies, Katrina & Jenny, regarding Julia Isaacs.

Julia is the sister of Rebecca Isaacs who married Henry Jacobs [Z085] in 1841.

I’ll repeat their message here. Unfortunately I can’t find matches for their statement that Julia married Abraham Solomons in 1848.

It is possible that the Judah and Sarah Isaacs you have on your tree are our great-great-grandparents!

We are looking for “a” Judah and Sarah Isaacs we had a daughter (Julia) in London in 1828. Julia married Abraham Jacob Solomon at the Great Synagogue London in 1848. The couple immigrated to Adelaide, South Australia, Australia in 1849. From that date on I have details but prior to this date we only know that Julia resided in Harrow Alley. Your tree fits with the 1841 Census which shows Sarah(48) Henry (29) Rachael (24) Rebecca (22) [all as foreign] and then Sophia (18) Solomon (17) Julia (13) and Judah (9) all English born. “

“Abraham Jacob Solomon was the grandson of the ‘world renowned matzah baker’ of London of the same name. On 4 July 1849 the 23-year-old Abraham Jacob Solomon of Cutler Street, Aldgate, married Julia Isaacs of Harrow Alley, Aldgate, in the New Synagogue in London. Chief Rabbi Adler officiated. They arrived, travelling steerage, in Adelaide (Australia) on the barque Constant on 23 December 1849…..A.J.Solomon and his wife Julia had fourteen children, five of  whom died as young children…Abraham died on 10 January 1889 and was buried in Adelaide’s West Terrace Jewish Cemetery. Julia Solomon (nee Isaacs) died on 30 December 1895. Their nine surviving children were: Miriam (my great-grandmother born 30 October 1850), Judah Abraham (1852), Sarah (1855), Rachel (1858),Henry (1861), Rebecca (1863), Sophia (1865), Leah (1866), and Julia Blanche (1870)….Miriam married Joseph Samuel Solomon” – These Are the Names – Jewish Lives in Australia 1788-1850 by John S Levi.

So, if your Judah and Sarah Isaacs are the parents of my Julia, they would be my great-great-grandparents. Naturally I would love to know more about them, if this is the case, and of course the rest of my extended family. Abraham Jacob Solomon is quite famous in Adelaide but is eclipsed by Joseph Samuel Solomon’s family ( father Emanuel Solomon is one of Australia’s most famous convicts, philanthropists, patron of the arts, landowner etc.).

If anyone has any information, please let me know.


Abraham Jacobs married Mary Ann Jane Yoxall  – as my wife has Yoxall connections I been trying to make a connection – especially as there were only about 300 Yoxalls in the 1851 census. As a result there are a number of extra Yoxalls in the tree.  Unfortunately I haven’t made a connection to my wife as yet.

Clara Jacobs (d/o Henry Jacobs & Elizabeth Twine)

I’ve recently been contacted by Clara’s granddaughter, Brenda Poulson who has helped flesh out that line of the tree.

” My mother told me when I was a child that her grandfather was called Henry Jacobs and he had an antique shop (could have been glass & china?)in Brighton, he threw his family out and then later ending up dying in Colney Hatch Asylum, through drink. which later became Friern Barnet Hospital”

Clara married  William John Purssey and as a result I’ve added quite a lot of Pursseys to the tree.

Big Tree

Added Tracy Turner Peacock to Big Tree image

Added Brenda Poulson to Big Tree image