I hope that everyone is keeping well.


Apologies for not doing an update for so long but combined with holidays and other tasks I haven’t had the spare time of late.


Added Birth Cert – Nancy Jacobs [Z569] courtesy of Helen Redmond

Added some photographs to the Jacobs-Levy-Swaebe album courtesy of Debbie Bozkurt

Added a photo of Julia Jacobs courtesy of Roderick Young

I have replaced Berger scans that had to be removed for copyright reasons with a transcript and two trees based on the data.

Added direct descendents from Ralph Jacobs to Debbie Bozkurt (Curson)

I received some extra information from Sarah-Jane Silver regarding the Simons family which I have added.

Add link to http://genealogy.metastudies.net/ which concentrates on the Cohen and Cassirer family tree but  has some data on Henry Jacobs and the Hart and Crawcour lines.

Google have released a web browser called Chrome and I have done a preliminary check for  compatibility of website with Google Chrome and it seems OK. Will try again once Chrome comes out of Beta stage.

Had an enquiry about removing trees from someone’s garden – nice photos!