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I’ve received Carol Freeman’s (nee Garfiel) family tree file and I’ve incorporated some of the entries into the tree.

The main inclusions of interest to many are number of Levy’s.  It also takes the tree down to Carol’s grandchildren [bear in mind that ‘living’ people have their details hidden] and across onto part of her husband’s tree.

As usual I’ve not included everything because I’ve always said that I didn’t fee that it is practical to stray too far away from the Jacobs, but as it was a nice gedcom file I’ve included a few more entries than if I’d had to do it long hand.

Gerry Newnham has kindly sent a copy of David Jacobs’ will.

This is David, son of Henry Jacobs & Ellen Silverstone.

The will is very basic and only refers to his brother Lewis and son Maurice Arthur. He alludes to other children but no mention is made of his wife.

Gerry’s thoughts on this are:-

It is quite short but one feature which does stand out is that his wife, Emma Brown, is not mentioned, although the children are. The executor was Alfred Solomons, 195 Caledonian Road, Builder’s Merchant (Plumber in Will) and there was a bequest of a gold ring to Alfred’s sister.

This makes me think that Emma had moved in with George Robinson (no evidence that they were cousins – that was for the benefit of the enumerator!) before the will was made in 1897. She was certainly with him, as we know, in 1901 and in 1911, although they didn’t marry until the end of 1911. Whether the children were with her or David can only be speculation at present.”

Helen Redmond has contacted me about Ancestry’s recently added criminal registers .

On ancestry.co.uk they have recently added the criminal registers from 1791 – 1892.  There are three records for David Jacobs.


First one is in 1792 where David is 70 years old, said to be 5ft 3in with dark eyes, black hair, sallow complexion and born in Germany – occupation merchant.  He was found not guilty of stealing from Mr Baggs.


Second one is the one where he calls himself Samuel Jacobs (as on our site already) says he stole ribbons and was acquitted


Third one is June 20th 1801 aged 75, living Dukes place, he also calls himself Thomas Church/Barnet, he stole ribbons from Joseph Holland and was given 12 months in Newgate.”


The 1792 entry is very interesting.  I believe that this is indeed our David Jacobs.  I don’t know where the trial took place, it certainly isn’t on the Old Bailey web site.


Old Bailey link on Sources, Sources on other sites – updated to new address