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Back in July I met up for lunch with Gerry Newnham and he gave me some material that he had gathered from various research in the London Metropolitan Archives and elsewhere.

I have now had the opportunity to review it and add it to the system.

The first items are two newspaper cuttings referring to the death of Moses Jacobs [ Z009]. Peter Wales first brought the cause of death to us back in 2008 when he sent in a copy of the death certificate. Peter raised the question of where Moses was living at the time, i.e. Lambeth yet the cemetery records list him as coming from Soho. The scans have been added to Moses’ record.

In one of the newspaper cuttings we find a reference to a witness called Samuel Jacobs, brother to Moses.

This is new information as  we don’t have any record of Moses having a brother called Samuel.

Samuel gives his address as 6½ Windmill Street (not to be confused with Great Windmill Street) but I haven’t managed to find him in either the 1851 or 1861 censuses as yet.

We don’t know when Moses’ wife, Sarah, dies so it is possible that Sarah has died and Moses has moved to this new address.

David Jacobs (Letson) is next in Gerry’s sights and he has found two potential entries in the archives for our David.

The first is a court document charging David Jacobs with the theft of twenty four yards of silk ribbon of the value of two shillings and sixpence – sound familiar? This was in 1777 and relates to the witness statement that we already have. Gerry has also found the record in the quarter sessions. Documents attached to DJ’s record in the database.

Another document records Henry Jacobs [Z 005] giving a statement in defence of someone charged with stealing cloth.

Copy of the document and transcription attached to Henry’s entry.


Nellie Johnston has been in touch with some more information  about Lawrence Jacobs and his wife Catherine O’Regen and their family.

Nellie has also provided a number of certificates: Death – Catherine, Philip, David, Laurence, Lawrence Samuel. Birth – Lawrence Samuel.

I have updated their entries in the database and I have put together the information that we have in the form of an article to try and clarify the situation – see Articles, People, Lawrence Jacobs



Whilst trying to decipher a date for one of the David Jacobs records I went looking for a Regnal Years list and instead found a program called Calisto which provides many useful calendar functions including date calculator, Regnal years, Jewish calendar, Islamic calendar and Easter dates etc.

The program is free and whilst a little long in the tooth it is perfectly functional.

Read the ‘Guide and Tour ‘on the Calisto web site.

More information at http://homepages.tesco.net/~jk.calisto/calisto/program/index.htm