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Mooney family

Christine Gavin nee Mooney contacted me to add some extra details to the family.

(Claude Percy Mooney married Thelma Stoddard, the daughter of Caroline Amelia Jacobs)

Henry Jacobs [Z005]

Phil Kirby has found an entry regarding Henry Jacobs (s/o David) in a publication called “The Bankers’ Magazine”.

This publication was aimed at providing information to bankers and included a section on court cases, the outcome of which, may be of relevance to the banking community.

The case, Jacobs v Tarleton, revolved around Bills of Exchange that Henry was trying to claim from Rev’d Tarleton.

In the transcript we learn that Henry is aged 75 (this is 1847) and that he can’t write. This evidence comes from his son Moses. Henry is listed as living in Kent Road at the time.

The full transcript is attached to Henry’s entry in the database.

Samuel Jacobs – Convict

From ‘The Examiner’ and Australian newspaper:-

” Following the publication in November of The Examiner’s historical supplement Convicts of Van Diemen’s Land, readers were invited to submit their stories on their convict descendants. JUNE KEATING, of New Zealand, provided her family’s research into ancestor Samuel Jacobs.”

June has kindly sent me a copy of the printed article and I have contacted the newspaper for permission to reprint the article on the website but I don’t think it likely.

However, thanks to June and Tom’s effort, the information is already on Samuel’s record in the database.

Solomon Jacobs / Alfred Edwards

Just a quick note that in the 1911 census he is Alfred Edwards and his wife, Mary Helena, is down as Edith Edwards.

Edward Lawrence Levy/Lewis

Edward and family changed their name to Lewis

They appear to use both surnames as and when it suited them.

In the 1891 census [RG 12/0173 F88 P44] has Edward and Charlotte as Lewis.

Probate Index

Thanks to Phil Kirby we have added the probate index entries for Charlotte Lewis nee Levy and her husband Edward Levy

John Jacobs – Catherine Newman

Catherine was originally known to us through Lynda Kelly as Catherine Newman.

However Gerry Newnham found their marriage certificate in the name Cooper.

Some research found that her family were Cooper in the 1891 census and Newman in the 1901 census hence the confusion.

It looks as though after 1901 the name was Newman which was obviously passed down through the family resulting Lynda knowing them as Newman.

Sarah Levy (wife of Moses Jacobs) – parents

Thanks to some investigations by Gerry Newnham it looks as though we may well have found her parents.

This decision is based on the following work by Gerry:

1. In the 1851 Census Sarah says she was born in the parish of St Martins in the Fields.

2. Sarah’s marriage record gives her patronymic as “Sara bat Simha Segal” (Harold Lewin’s transcript).

3. Simha equates to Simon.

4. Searching the Rate Books in the Westminster Archives for the period from

1793 to 1813 (I have still to check later records) shows only one Simon Levy in St Martin’s parish and he is living in Russell Court, off Drury Lane.

5. Simon’s wife, Hannah, appears in an Old Bailey trial as a witness in 1801. The entry in the trial record reads: “HANNAH LEVY sworn. – I am the wife of Simon Levy , who keeps a house and shop in Russel court…” (sic)

6. It seems Simon LEVY was a reasonably prosperous trader and was insured with the Sun Insurance Co – details awaited.

7. The inscription on Simon LEVY’s grave is:

“In memory of/Mr Simon Levy/Late of Charles St Soho Square/Obit Jany 30th AM 5587/In the sixty seventh year/Of his life” (died 30 Jan 1827)

8. In 1825 Moses JACOBS had a shop in Charles Street (now called Soho Street).

Hannah died in 1843 and I have just obtained a copy of her Death Certificate.

Also connected to this, Roderick Young visited the Brompton cemetery and looked at the headstones and reported as follows:

Sarah Jacobs.  Hebrew very hard to read but this is definitely the same Sarah of the death certificate that you sent me.  I could read that she died in the Hebrew month of Adar in the year 5616.  In the certificate Sarah died seventh March 1856 – this corresponds to 10 Adar 2 [this just means it was a leap year in which the month of Adar appears twice] 5616.  Her Hebrew age is given as 64 and I note Sarah on the certificate was 64.  So this MUST be the same woman.  Also Martin and I think that the English says: beloved wife of Moses Jacobs, which means he was still alive.  That’s all I could get from the Hebrew.

Simon Levy.  Hebrew seems to say he died in the month of Shevat [January] 1827 – I think his Hebrew name is Simcha [note this is both a masculine and feminine name] bar Shmuel [Samuel]