Hi to Everyone


I’ve added quite a lot to the database this week thanks to a lot of input from Helen Redmond and Manfred Lindner.

Manfred and Helen both descend from Philip’s son, Moses.

The new information is in the database and can be accessed by searching for Moses Jacobs (his ID in the search list is I919)


As a result of this I’ve also updated the ‘Big Tree’ accessed from the website home page.


Other changes and additions are:-


Added death certificate for Elizabeth Twine

Added the following details that either I didn’t know, or wasn’t aware that I knew:

marriage of Lewis Jacobs to Milcha Levi

burial date for David Jacobs/Letson

father for David Jacobs/Letson

infant child for Philip Jacobs (burial entry)

child for Henry Jacobs (burial entry)

child for Jacob Jacobs (burial entry)

child for Philip Jacobs (burial entry)

Judah, son of Henry Jacobs (burial entry)

Ralph Jacobs s/o David Letson (marriage entry)


Updated ‘Welcome message’ to include reference to Jacob Litzen