Hi Everyone


We have been contacted by Manfred Lindner and Helen Redmond with a probable new branch descending from Moses, son of Philip Jacobs.

I know everyone is disappearing off on their summer holidays, but as soon as you can spare 10 minutes could you cast your eyes over the tree.

I am trying to find time to carry out the necessary verifications before adding it to the database but I’m a bit snowed under at the moment.


I’ve put a copy of the tree on a separate web page for ease of viewing.





I have also been contacted by Georgina Cusack from Australia asking about a connection to a Blake Jacobs.

Sadly I am unaware of one.

I have posted the basics of our emails in the Articles, Jottings section.

Georgina has also submitted copies of 2 wills and 5 certificates which I have placed in the ‘Sources on this site” section.


I would be grateful if everyone could cast a quick eye over them in case they know of a connection or can help in any way.




Sorry there’s nothing else this week, I have got other stuff to put on the site but there aren’t enough spare hours (spare hours? now that’s a novel concept)