2012 – May 27

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Hi Everyone

My usual apologies for taking so long to do an update but I’ve taken on a few too many tasks and I’m afraid it is the family tree that has had to move down the priority list – as usual.

Anyway, I hope that you are all keeping well

Roy Parker has asked if there is anyone who descends from Henry Jacobs & Elizabeth Twine who has had the male DNA tested. Roy & Gerry Newnham have both had their DNA tested but they descend from Henry and Ellen Silverstone. Roy is looking to get   a genetic connection between the two lines to prove that it is the same Henry.

On the subject of DNA testing, if anyone descending from the Jacobs has had their DNA tested and would like to share their results I will set up  page for showing them.

Added some more of the newspaper cutting submitted by Phil Kirby – still a lot to do I’m afraid

Phil Kirby has also pointed out an entry at the Old Bailey (17/07/1827). The entry is for a Solomon Jacobs who has a peculiar habit of hiding things in his hat.

Solomon is charged, and found guilty of stealing 1 pair of gilt bracelets and 2 pairs of gilt ear-rings,. He was observed putting them in his hat.   Several tradesmen described him as an honest man but with very eccentric habits, one of which was putting things in his hat. The judge said that the punishment would not be severe

Could Solomon be one of ours?

Phil also found Henry (son of John) Jacob’s admission to the Freedom of the City of London in 1856

Alfred Furneau sent in two birth certificates: Adeline Phillipa Jacobs and Sarah Jacobs, both daughters of Henry Jacobs and Ellen Silverstone.

Also an annotated photo of North Quadrant in Brighton showing where the Jacobs lived.

Alfred has also noted that The Registrar at Brighton for the births of Henry and Ellen’s children, Sarah in 1859, Adeline in 1867 and possibly for the other Brighton children, was a George Smith. The Registrar at Finchley for the death of Henry Jacobs in 1911 was a George Smith.

The signatures are only slightly different!

Added Alfred to BigTree image on the website

Mark Simmons contacted me with some more information about Maurice Henry Jacobs. It appears that Maurice changed the family surname to Henry around 1920. Mark has also given some more information about Monty Solomons, son of Alfred and Celia Solomons.

Gerry Newnham has written an article which has been published in Shemot (March 2012). To avoid copyright problems Gerry has re-edited it for publication here. http://www.quarlton.co.uk/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=199:silverstoneharris&catid=47:people&Itemid=110

Gerry also has a Blog at http://jacobsoflondon.blogspot.co.uk/

Gerry has come across a trade advert for the Phoenix Glass Works:-

Same address as Moses Jacob’s glass works. Caption says “Lewis Jacobs Phoenix Glass Works Active in London 1830-1870“. Is this the son of Philip Jacobs? Did he take over the glass works after the fire and rebuild it?

The trade card can be see at http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/2745366590102177954KpDdUR I’ve also added it to the photo gallery.

Jenny & Katrina Cowen have been in touch to report on the Solomon reunion in Australia. The turnout, which included our own Rabbi Roderick Young was 200 strong and was featured on several  TV news broadcasts.

[The Solomon connection is through Henry Jacobs (1816-1888) wife, Julia Isaacs]

The reunion went off without a hitch and cousin Roderick was just the icing on the cake.  We had T.V., radio, newspaper and magazine coverage!!!  Since all this exposure we have had yet more contact from family and it seems that the Keesing branch of the family, who reside in California, may visit next year. SO we may have another get together.

The Solomon family reunion made an unintentional profit. Therefore a donation of $500.00 has been sent to the National Library of Australia. Cathy Pilgrim (Director of Trove) has acknowledged our gift :-

“  We certainly appreciate the financial contribution from the Solomon Family reunion which we will put towards digitisation of the South Australian Chronicle. We are currently having the South            Australian Chronicle microfilm scanned and it is scheduled to be OCR’ed to support full text searching and delivered via Trove in the first quarter of the new financial year (i.e. all going according to             schedule between July and September 2012).

The acknowledgement text to read – Digitisation generously supported by the Solomon Family Reunion. ….the acknowledgement to be applied to the issues that make up the first 250 pages of the            newspaper published i.e from the South Australian Weekly Chronicle first published on 17 July 1858.”

A further $500.00 has been donated to the Sisters of St Joseph’s in memory and in continuation of the bond forged between Saint Mary MacKillop and Emanuel Solomon. The funds will be used by the Sisters in their charitable works. Neville Wight, Katrina and I attended morning tea at the Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre and presented the cheque to the Sisters. Also present were the Principal of Mount St.Joseph Girls’ College, Cath Dillon and two of the year eight students, one representing Solomon house. Yes, the house is named in honour of Emanuel Solomon! Solomon house’s motto is “All equal in God’s eyes”.

The remainder of the money from the reunion is still in the bank and it is envisaged that this sum can be used for the deposit on a venue for the 200th anniversary reunion of our family in 2018


Corrected photo gallery – some photos were missing captions


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