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A fairly big update this time – and I’ve still got to find time to process a lot of stuff that people have sent in (Sorry June, Phil, Gerry).


Roy Parker

We have a new ‘cousin’  in Roy who is the Great Grandson of David Jacobs [Z265]  via Philip Morris Jacobs.

Merged a number of new relatives into the database. See line descending from  Philip Morris Jacobs & David Albert Jacobs

Photos added for  Philip Jacobs, Alice Jacobs nee Walduck, David Albert and Emma Jacobs nee Kite and their children Richard and Betty.

See Photograph Album on home page

Philip Maurice Jacobs

WW1 Military record added

Wife for David Jacobs (Letson)

Jane Jacobs was buried in the Jewish Burial Ground called Ducking Pond Lane. Actually on North Street Upper, now Brady Street.

[The MOTCO map on the website shows it clearly: http://www.quarlton.org.uk/jacobstree/greenwoodmap/2400/2338-a-picaaa.htm

Scroll up just above the yellow circle.]

Thanks to Gerry Newnham for finding the entry and to Phil Kirby or reminding me about it.

(Source: www.synagoguescribes.com copyright A. Shire)

The entry clearly identifies Jane as the wife of David Jacobs bar Coppel Letson

DNA Testing

Gerry Newnham recently had the results of a DNA test which put him in Haplogroup E1b1b1.

According to Wikipedia :

“… a significant proportion of Jewish male lineages are E1b1b1

(E-M35). … Haplogroup E1b1b1, which accounts for approximately 18% …

to 20% … of Ashkenazi and 8.6% … to 30% … of Sephardi

Y-chromosomes, appears to be one of the major founding lineages of the

Jewish population.”

Philip Kirby has also sent his test off – results awaited.

I’d be happy to post results from anyone else who has had a DNA test done.

Moses & Julia (Wolly) Jacobs

Added some passenger lists for their journeys between the UK and USA

One also lists Julia’s sister/niece, Kitty Wolly

Naturalisation Index card for Moses in 1897 which gives his birth as 1st May 1855 which is at odds with the approximate date we had of 1858. However he is inconsistent with his age. His 1900 census entry agrees with his naturalisation detail. I think that he was probably born in May, but May 1858, a year after his parents married rather than 1855 which is 2 years before they married.

Lawrence Jacobs & Catherine O’Regen

In the last update I mentioned two unknown children. However  Nellie Johnston has had a look at the birth entry and can see that what I read as ‘Two dead’ actually says ‘None dead’. I’ve updated the database accordingly.

Wills Index

Ancestry have recently added an index to wills and I have found about a dozen of interest. Whilst they don’t give the full details, they do give date of death, value of the estate and name(s) of the executor(s).

I’ve added those for : Moss Benjamin, Amelia Hart, Henry Chapman Hart, Henry Jacobs [Z007], Matilda Rebecca Jacobs, Sarah (Jacobs) BenMoya Swaebe, Catherine  Virginia Levy (Russell), Isabella Levy, Jeanette Levy, Moses Levy, Jacob Siegenberg.

Solomon Jacobs

I’ve added a few bits and pieces of information to his family, some has come from Anne Tong and some from my own research. I must confess to still being a little uneasy about his details – I can’t find enough to make it all hang together yet. I am still looking for an uncle’s will and the change of name details.

Stop Press: Found the family living as Edwards in 1901 and 1911 censuses – makes me a bit more comfortable with the data.


Moses Jacobs [Z 892] was a duplicate entry for Moses [Z009] – corrected.