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Solomon Reunions  



This page relates to the Reunions organized by Jenny Cowen, one of our cousins in Australia.

So far Jenny has arranged two reunions, the first in 2012  and now this year, 2015, with another planned for 2018 – the 200th anniversary of the arrival, in Australia, of Samuel Moss Solomon.

Attendance at both has been very good and people have enjoyed meeting new and forgotten relatives.



The Solomon reunion was held in Australia. The turnout, which included our own Rabbi Roderick Young was 200 strong and was featured on several  TV news broadcasts.

[The Solomon connection is through Henry Jacobs (1816-1888) wife, Julia Isaacs]

The reunion went off without a hitch and cousin Roderick was just the icing on the cake.  We had T.V., radio, newspaper and magazine coverage!!!  Since all this exposure we have had yet more contact from family and it seems that the Keesing branch of the family, who reside in California, may visit next year. SO we may have another get together.

The Solomon family reunion made an unintentional profit. Therefore a donation of $500.00 has been sent to the National Library of Australia. Cathy Pilgrim (Director of Trove) has acknowledged our gift :-

“  We certainly appreciate the financial contribution from the Solomon Family reunion which we will put towards digitisation of the South Australian Chronicle. We are currently having the South Australian Chronicle microfilm scanned and it is scheduled to be OCR’ed to support full text searching and delivered via Trove in the first quarter of the new financial year (i.e. all going according to schedule between July and September 2012).

The acknowledgement text to read – Digitisation generously supported by the Solomon Family Reunion. ….the acknowledgement to be applied to the issues that make up the first 250 pages of the newspaper published i.e from the South Australian Weekly Chronicle first published on 17 July 1858.”

A further $500.00has been donated to the Sisters of St Joseph’s in memory and in continuation of the bond forged between Saint Mary MacKillop and Emanuel Solomon. The funds will be used by the Sisters in their charitable works. Neville Wight, Katrina and I attended morning tea at the Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre and presented the cheque to the Sisters. Also present were the Principal of Mount St.Joseph Girls’ College, Cath Dillon and two of the year eight students, one representing Solomon house. Yes, the house is named in honour of Emanuel Solomon! Solomon house’s motto is “All equal in God’s eyes”.

The remainder of the money from the reunion is still in the bank and it is envisaged that this sum can be used for the deposit on a venue for the 200th anniversary reunion of our family in 2018


Clip from 7 News – Melbourne






At the 2015  one of our ancestors, Emanuel Solomon, was ‘recreated’ by  Phil Zachariah, adn thanks to Philip Powell,

Jenny writes

“Thanks to Philip Powell  I am able to share some of Phil Zachariah’s performance, as Emanuel Solomon at the Soiree.  There were many highlights but this one, for me was bitter-sweet.  I know how much work went into Phil’s performance and I knew it would be excellent…my disappointment was that so few family members witnessed this show.  It was and will always remain the BEST performance as far as I am concerned, and I thank Phil from doing this for me…….I am hoping that we can persuade him to do this again in 2018…PLEASE PHIL!”



Phil Zachariah sings a song




Jenny has already started work on a 200th Anniversary Reunion in 2018.

Whilst some people may think that another reunion in 2018 is too soon, I think that we have to take certain factors into account.

  • 200 is a notable anniversary.
  • These reunions appear to be close together only because of timing – I know that sounds obvious, but if Jenny hadn’t arrange the initial ones it is unlikely that there would be the enthusiasm for a 200th.
  • We are all getting older and it may well be the last opportunity for some family members to participate and for others to glean information from them.
  • There is always a new generation that can be encouraged to take an interest.
  • We’ll get the opportunity to meet up with lost relatives and to meet ones you never even knew about.


Whilst it is regrettable that I am unlikely to be able to attend, I must thank Jenny for her untiring efforts in both looking after the family tree, and organising the reunions, and to Katrina for supporting Jenny.


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What’s on this site? (A guide for new visitors and a refresher for existing users)


This site is in 2 parts:

  • A Content Management System called WordPress
  • A genealogy database called TNG


The database operates the same as most genealogy databases, showing data and relationships.

It is accessed through the tab labelled ‘Jacobs Tree’


This system allows me to store a variety of data that is not directly part of the genealogy database.

The main body of the screen is where selected information is displayed.

At the left and right are a selection of menus, some highlights are listed below


Use this to search within the WordPress system – all items are indexed and can be searched.

Main Menu

Contact Us An email form to get in touch with the webmaster for any questions or problems

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Jacobs Tree Database

Surnames The main entry point into the genealogy database – shows all surnames

Certificates A quick link to certificates in the database

Wills A quick link to wills in the database


People Articles written about individuals

Research Articles written to help with research

General Articles which don’t fit in the above 2 categories

Jottings These are extracts from emails that people have sent – useful snippets of information here.

Photograph Album

Gallery A selection of Jacobs photographs submitted by users


Sources on other sites A page of links to external sources of information

Sources on this site Links to sources stored on this site – mainly transcriptions

Latest Additions Simply a list of the most recently added articles

Most Wanted Information about our most wanted individuals


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This a list of tasks that I currently have planned to do for the website.
Please let me know if you have any other ideas that you would like adding.

Google Chrome

Test website for compatability using this new browser


This has been pending for quite a while. The major problem is that some of the maps get quite big and may be a bit slow for people who aren’t on broadband.  May just go for it and see who has problems – may have to do a reduced quality version for them.


            The aim is to add direct ancestors for all the group linking back to Jacobs.

Already started but more still to do [Strikeout represents those already done]










Peter Susman

Sandra Bonn

Sue Warrington



Big Tree

Big Tree is now a bit unwieldy.

Update it so that can click on the main people to whom we are connected and then show descendent trees



Jottings to add from various recent emails



Try and find some 19th century images of the Spitalgates/Aldgate area of London that we can publish

Research Plans

Need to come up with a plan for finding out more about the early Jacobs i.e. Jacob, David etc.
Where should we be looking for more information? 

Wizard Jacobs

Update the articles on Wizard Jacobs

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Submitting Information for the Website
I have been asked what I considered suitable for publishing on the website in respect of the type of material and how far we would stray from the Jacobs.
It took me a while to come up with a suitable answer and having done so felt that it would be sensible to publish my thoughts for others to consider.
As most of you know the original aim of the website was to gather together information on our common ancestors, the Jacobs.
Whilst we all generally discuss the information, it is available for all to see and I wanted to make sure that what we were publishing was as accurate as possible.
To this aim I undertook the task of trying to verify every statement submitted about a person.  Continue reading »
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These are the people on whom we most anxious to find information.

If you have any information about any of them, please let us know, using the Contact Us form.

David Jacobs 

David Jacobs (Litzen)David is the patriarch of the family and as such is of great importance to us.
We believe that he may have been born in Lietzen, Germany – hence the name. It is possible that he took the name Jacobs in memory of his father who may have been called Jacob.

David was certainly somethion of a character, being in court in several occasions for theft, or attempted theft of ribbon. One case at the age of 75 resulted in him being incarcerate in Newgate prison for 12 months.

His details can be found at David Jacobs

John Jacobs

Last seen age 10, 1861 27 ½ Duke Street, Aldgate London, father Henry Jacobs the Butcher. Do you know this man, did he sail off to the new world countries with your grandmother. If you have a John Jacobs in your family please let us know.

His details can be found at John Jacobs

Solomon Jacobs

Last seen age 19 4/34 Duke Street, Aldgate London, living with his father Henry and sister Sarah Swaebe (nee Jacobs), working as a Butcher. Do you have a Solomon Jacobs in your family, he may have remained in the butchers trade, I have searched high and low for him. I believe he was alive in 1911 as he was left a sum of money in his uncles will. Do you have a kosher butcher in your family?

Isaac and John Susman

Last seen age 13 and 9, 1901 368 Cold Harbour Lane, Brixton. Father was Julius Susman who owned an auctioneers in Railton Road Brixton and in Clapham. Do you have an Isaac or John Susman in your family tree if so please get in touch now.

Michael Jacobs

Last seen aged 28 in 1880 in prison serving 1 month for committing bigamy. Had ‘changed’ his name and was using Alfred Jacobs Beabe on his illegal wedding certificate. May also go under the name of Alfred Michael Jacobs or Michael Alfred Jacobs. Do you know where Michael is?

Aaron Jacobs

Last seen in 1861 102 Petticoat Lane aged 14, son of Eliza Jacobs a Butcher. Have you seen Aaron, did he travel to South Africa perhaps or one of the other new world countries, would love to find him.

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