Harry Braham marries in Samuels the Jewellers family

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Think I may have only shared this with Phil until I was sure, just received marriage certificate in post to confirm fathers ID but there was only 1 Harry Braham Jacobs so was pretty sure. 

Bear with me whilst I set the scene:
Henry Jacobs Snr (son of David) had a son called Moses who in turn had a son called David Jacobs a glass dealer who lived at 33 Hay Market.
David went on to marry his Cousin Matilida Rebecca Jacobs, granddaughter of Philip Jacobs, daughter of Henry Jacobs.
So any off-spring to this marriage have linked as all together.

One of the children was a boy called Harry Braham Jacobs born in 1859 St Martin in Field.
Harry Braham Jacobs married in February 1881 Clara Samuel.
I now have certificate which confirms father is David deceased.

If you follow this link to this site it confirms we married into the H Samuel the Jeweler family.
Harry went on to have 4 children as quoted on this site but then mysteriously disappears and Clara remarries a Nathaniel Platnauer  and goes on to have 3 more children.
She is by this time in South Africa, I have found Nathaniel in SA by 1905. I and others can not find trace of Harry and family going to South Africa. I do not know if they divorced or he died. 

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From what I gather from the family tree, Clara’s Aunt was the H in H Samuel, Clara was in fact 1st Cousin to Edgar Samuel who developed the retails side of H Samuels with his mother , so any thoughts on where we can go next in finding out what happened.
Now I am fairly confident I am not barking up the wrong tree, I will look at the children or Harry and Clara.
At lot of the research has been done by the Author of the Samuel history book but it was done without the aid of the internet research etc. and some of the earlier dates are slightly out.

Can someone check out the line on the Samuel tree as it is a little complicated I think it is quite a close relation Harry married into, 1st Cousin I have quoted. And of course his children now become our blood cousins…not sure what yet! 

Forgot to mention Clara Samuel father Henry Samuel was living Kensington in 1881 and his stated as being a retired silversmith.
Harry and Clara married at Rachel Samuel address 4 Bloomsbury Place, Strand, Rachel was her mother so unsure if they just had 2 houses or father and mother lived apart. The address that they lived at at time of marriage 1881 was 49 Strand, which according to the census was a Rebecca Elkan.
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HENRY BRAHAM JACOBS CHECK OUT OTHER DATA ON THE SITE http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~macculloch/p161.htm#i8565[Phil Kirby]