Harry Braham Jacobs marries into the H Samuel family

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Some while ago it was suggested that there was a connection to the H Samuel, Jewellers, family. Click here

This was first mentioned in the ‘Jottings’ section by Phil Kirby back in 2008.

The connection being that Harry Braham Jacobs married Clara Samuel.

I haven’t had the opportunity/inclination to follow this up until it raised its head when Shlomo Katanka started sending me some information.

When I started looking I found that there is quite a lot of information out there, unfortunately not all of it is accurate as it might be and I always try and do my own research to confirm it where possible. The most helpful were the notes on the MAN & Other Families website plus some basic information from the H Samuel corporate website.

Therefore I decided to do my own research so that I could confirm, to my own satisfaction, that the link was correct.

There is no intention to follow the Samuel tree any further at this time as there is no direct link back to David Jacobs/Litzen, it was merely to answer the question.

For those who are not from the UK, H Samuel were, and still are, the major High Street jewellers here.

The finished tree is as below (Clara’s siblings omitted)


1. Harry Braham Jacobs married Clara Samuel in 1881

2. Harriet’s parents were believed to be Henry Samuel and Rachel Steiner Wolfe [Man Family Notes]
Many places on the Internet use the spelling of Wolfe whereas I have used Wolf. This is because in the GRO indexes for the marriages of Henry, Walter and Alfred, the name is shown as Wolf.

3. As I didn’t have a copy of either of Clara’s marriage certificates I searched elsewhere. I found an entry for their marriage in the Jewish Chronicle (thanks to Gerry Newnham for downloading the entries for me).  

    This confirmed that Clara’s father was Henry Samuel and gave his address as Redcliffe Road, South Kensington.

4. Looking at the censuses for Clara, I found her in 1861 and 1871.

    a. In 1871 she is boarding along with 3 of her siblings. Their names tally in with those in 1861

    b. In 1861 she is with her parents and siblings. Parents are Henry and Rachael as expected. (Henry’s brother Walter is living a couple of houses away) Henry is listed as a watchmaker.

5. So now I needed to find a link back from Henry to his father.

6. Checking the Jewish Chronicle I found an entry for Henry’s marriage to Rachael

    a. This confirmed that Rachel was the daughter of Mr S Wolf

    b. It confirmed that Henry’s father was Moses Samuel, late joint editor of the ‘Cup of Salvation’

7. In the 1851 census we find Walter is living with Henry and his wife. Both are watchmakers.

8. Therefore I believe that we can confirm that we have confirmation of the connection.