John Lewis Jacobs

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John Lewis Jacobs born 1816 London died 1900 Melbourne Australia

John emigrated to Australia in 1834 age 18, (still looking for entry). According to a snippet from “The Jews in Victoria in the nineteenth century” he was a Vaudeville artist, copy of full book yet to be found.


Nothing yet is known about any descendants or about his life in Australia. He died in 1900 and below is a transcription take from the Australian Herald, published in the Jewish Chronicles. It is clear he kept in touch with his family in Britain.

Colonial and Foreign News – Australia

One of the most interesting figures in the Jewish Community of Melbourne says the “Jewish Herald” has passed away in the person of Mr John Lewis Jacobs who had attained the ripe age of 84yrs. Mr Jacobs was a very old colonist, having arrived in Australia in 1834. After passing through the many viassitudes which befell the early pioneers, he became more or less permanently attached to the stage as a profession. After his retirement from the Theatre, the deceased gentleman engaged in many occupations with varying fortunes and only consented to take a well earned rest from the toil and struggle of life a few years before his death. Mr Jacobs was a man of superior education and attainments an excellent raconteur with a remarkable memory and a keen sense of humour an in his reminiscences of his early experiences in the Colonies was singularly happy and entertaining. Through out his long life the deceased never forgot his obligations to his religion and up to within a few weeks of his death was in the habit walking from Albert Park on every Sabbath and holidays to attend synagogue service. The relatives of Mr Jacobs reside mostly in Liverpool, England and though he was frequently invited to spend his last days with them he always refused to do so chiefly on account of his affection for his adopted country and his association therein.

The Actual death notice put in the Jewish Chronicles by his family reads:

John Lewis Jacobs 23 September 1900 Melbourne, Victoria, aged 84, a colonist for 66 years eldest brother of David Jacobs, Ralelagh Street Liverpool, Solomon Jacobs, 73 Gray’s Inn Road, Mrs Mark Friedeberg, 75 Highbury Quadrant and Leah Jacobs 223 Richmond Road NE.