Simmonds Family Prayer Book

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Simmonds Family Prayer Book

This book, dated 1837, has the inscription “W Simmonds to J L Simmonds”

There is some information about the book on the Blog at Synagogue Scribes: Simmonds Family Prayer Book

Phil Kirby, who is now the proud owner of the book, has kindly contributed 3 pages from the Simmonds Family Prayer Book, along with the following observations.

Wolf Simmonds and his son Judah Lee Simmonds who are recorded in the prayer book appear in the Borough Synagogue records.

Wolf aka William Simmons aka Simmonds was President in 1826/27 and his son Judah Lee an officer in 1867.

Other Simmonds who were in Hamburg and the West Indies sons of Wolf and Eve Jacobs contributed to the Borough New Synagogue.

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