Rachael Jacobs (b. circa 1820)

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Rachael Jacobs was the daughter of Lewis Jacobs and Milcah Levy

At the time of writing (February 2020) there are a large number (43) of trees on Ancestry that have Rachael marrying Jonas Lipman in 1849.

None of these trees appears to have a detailed citation for the marriage. At best they give the date, 4th July 1849, and the place, New Synagogue.

However, if you look at the marriage certificate for Rachael & Jonas, it is quite clear that Rachael is the daughter of Judah Jacobs, not Lewis Jacobs.

The correct marriage for Rachael, daughter of Lewis Jacobs, shows that she married Alexander Cohen on 10th December 1845.

This clearly shows that she is the daughter of Lewis Jacobs, Glass Dealer

It is my intention to try and notify those Ancestry tree owners of the mistake in order to prevent it spreading further.

Dave Simpson

February 2020

David Simpson