Removal Order of Moses Jacobs [Z067]

Removal Order – Moses Jacobs [Z067] and family



Whilst I have heard of these documents I had never seen one until Helen Redmond sent me this one.


We are possibly lucky in that not only is the hand writing legible, but the information that it contains is very informative.


We learn that Moses and Hannah (nee Solomon) have fallen on hard times whilst living in the parish of St Botolph, Without Aldgate in March 1844.

The family, comprising Moses, Hannah, four children and one grandchild are living at 25 Petticoat Square.


After 8 years in the parish they are now claiming relief from the parish and St Botolph’s Overseers of the Poor are not happy about it and decide to send them back to their ‘last legal settlement’ which is Christchurch.


From the document we learn the names and ages of the family and their current residence.


We also have an examination of Moses which in this case is exceptionally informative as it give us information on their grandchild Isabella.


When looking at the 1841 census [HO 107/725 B1 F6 P7] we find Isabella but can only assume that she is a daughter as there is no other indication.


However, from the examination of Moses we learn that she is in fact the bastard daughter of Moses’ daughter Maria.


We also learn that Maria has since abandoned Isabella.


All in all it is quite a sorrowful tale as far as the Jacobs are concerned but a boon for genealogists.


I do have a question though, regarding the notes written on the front and back pages of the document. These notes are in a different hand than the main document. The notes on the back page give us more information but I am unsure who wrote them. Looking at the handwriting I think that they may well be contemporary with the document but could also be from much later.


Thanks to Helen for submitting this document. Her description of how we come to have a copy is also interesting:-


“I only got it through accident.  It was found in a skip along with other families’ documents and passed along to me only because the person concerned had kept it hoping one day to find someone who was related to the Jacobs family.  He actually found a cousin of mine (not a Jacobs family member) she had added my info to hers and put in on Genes UK.  Sometimes the coincidences are beyond me.  Why it was it in the skip I haven’t a clue and I don’t know where the skip was either.”

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