Lost Jacobs could they be in New Zealand

Has anyone got any idea what Judah would call himself when he left England? I doubt very much that he would use that name in New Zealand :-). I can find lots of Jacobs but isolating them is the problem.

[June Keating]


I don’t know if Judah left England just can not find him, thought I found a Jack Jacobs that resembled him but I don’t think so. Don’t worry too much it was just a thought that they may have joined their cousins.

A lot of a Jacobs also went to Ireland for a while but again its a difficult place to obtain information from. There is a book on Dublin Jews I am told is excellent but the cheapest I have found it is £100, so it will have to wait.

Thank you for looking and if you could just keep the names in the back of your mind just in case you are looking for something different and that pops up.

As an aside we have one ancestor from the Philip Jacobs line, a son of Lewis who was one of the first unassisted colonist. John Lewis Jacobs [See article under People (inserted by admin)]who was an Vaudeville artist. I found him just by chance as he had left before any census, in about 1834. I was looking for his brother Solomon and found a JC death notice which not only had Solomon and his address but I then found where a  David Jacobs I was looking for went. I have attached a page where I have typed up the Orbit. etc. but would love to find out more about him. Unfort. there is another John Lewis Jacobs who was a magician artist etc. who came from England but he was from Cant bury but they both seemed to have the nickname of Wizard but he died in 1897. So if you come across anything please let me know, I know he traveled to NZ to do shows. Someone has looked up the death for me but the date is spot on, he died 23rd sept 1900 (as per JC) but the parents names are not quite correct but he died without family so prob. the person that registered him didn’t know the exact details.

[Debbie Bozkurt]