Philip Jacobs

Looking at a possible wife for Philip Jacobs (1771 – 1845).

I was contacted in December 2014 by Anne Piccoli asking me whether I thought that his wife was Wilmott Gilbert as reported on two Ancestry trees.

Anne was sceptical about it, especially as the surname was ‘Jacob’ rather than ‘Jacobs’

My conclusion is that she is right and this is not the correct marriage.

My logic is as follows:-

  • Philip Jacob married Wilmott Gilbert in the parish church of St Luke, Finsbury on the 11th January 1794
    • This could be OK because it is not unusual for couples of mixed faith to marry in both church and synagogue
    • A slightly unusual item is that her signature seems to read as Rebecca rather than Wilmott?
  • As far as I can tell, all the children of ‘our’ Philip were Jewish
  • We believe that Philip’s wife died before 1844 as she is not mentioned in his will, written 1843.
    • Looking through Ancestry, we find a burial for Wilmott Jacob in 1824
    • Whilst this would fit for our Philip’s wife, we again have the surname as Jacob
  • What I believe is more conclusive is that Philip & Wilmott Jacob had two children baptised
    • 1801 Thomas, son of Philip and Willmott Jacob
    • 1803 Eliza, daughter of Philip and Willmott Jacob.
  • I notice that neither of the two trees on Ancestry have found these baptisms.

No single one of these points is conclusive but I feel the combination of them rules out Wilmott as the wife of our Philip.



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