Geoffrey Swaebe


Don’t know if you remember me going on about the possibility of Geoffrey Swaebe being a distance cousin of ours, see times obituary: 

My eldery Cousin in Los Angelos works at the Library and he looked up or got some one to look up Geoffrey Swaebe parentage (never told him in advance who I wanted it to be!) and his answer was:
Father Daniel Swaebe,
Mother Deborah Abrahams….bingo ties up perfect. 

Now because he has just died a few years ago, I don’t know who much we should put in our tree, I am tempted to email his living son ( I think I can prob. get his work addresses through google) to ask permission the write about him or even if he is interested in his father ancestry.

The family are still very Jewish.
What do you think?
Sorry forgot to mention, Geoffrey would be the 3xggrand son of David Jacobs and our 4th cousin twice removed, through the Jacob/John (Coppel) line the butcher, the one that lived at 27 1/2 Duke Street in 1851 with his son Henry.[Debbie Bozkurt]