Amelia Jacobs

 PS Finally got the prove of Amelia Jacobs, Henry’s daughter’s family as her husband didn’t write English so I have had trouble tracing the family through the census but I know have the 1st child on the census and the last child (with more unusual name) and they are both Amelia’s so can add all that family to my notes.[Debbie Bozkurt]

Debs, I didn’t know you lacked information about Amelia – I’ve got all her information (at least I think I do), she is my gggrandmaother. 
How do you know her husband didn’t write English? 
That would be very interesting, but he was born in England, and if the Collyer Ferguson tree fragment is correct, my other gggrandfather Moses Levy was his brother, Moses was a very successful merchant.  What are the unusual names you find? 
I found them in both census and New Synagogue records – Catherine, Charlotte, Ernest (my ggrandfather), Henry Daniel, Lewis, Jeanette (verious spellings). 
They lived on Old Kent Road, Lambs Conduit Road, and Hunter Street and some others. 
I can send you information about them when I get to
P.S. – but I’ve got them fairly well tracked through marriages (or not, Jeanette never married). 
One Catherine died young, the second married George Henry Russell, Charlotte married Edward Lawrence Levy who changed the name to Lewis. Etc.!
[Carol Freeman]