a)135 Sarah wife of Leib[?Jester] RH Adar 11 BBR +1 Bethnall GreenDEHN LITZIN

b)widdow of R.Israel LITZIN OG “ 

c)child of Lezer [Eliezer] b.Hehaver LITZIN Israel OG

d)widow of Meir LITZIN OG

There appears to mention Israel twice, Meir and Dehn[Debbie Bozkurt]

I think Peter? found these entries before and I am pretty sure they are all our Litzin relatives.
Is one a Rabbi?
Should we add them to the website data base?
We have so much data being collated it might be best to add new information consistently so we don’t forget.
I believe that there are many more Jacobs relatives and related families we know nothing or little about.[Phil Kirby]