Jacobs Research

 We have all of David’s brothers and sisters to find and our 6 x ggrandfather, I feel there is much more out there on other branches.
Next is a trip to German/Poland to find our very distant relatives!
I for one really want to know Philips wife’s name as that is a branch I can investigate and even David’s wife.
I am hoping myself and Phil can find out more in February.
[Debbie Bozkurt]

It is funny you mentioned David’s brothers and sisters.
I may have found one of his sister’s births.
In the IGI there is a female birth Engel Lietzen born about 1730 in Brunau, Danzig Stadt, West Preussen, Preussen.
Her father is indicated as Jacob and if you recall there is a Jacob born in the same town about 1705, who we believe might be David’s father.
However this puts in doubt the possible birth entry for David Jacobs about 1726 in Hasselbach, Rheinland, Preussen.
If this entry is correct why would he be a Jacobs and Jacob plus Engel Lietzen?
Also why was Jacob and Engel born in Brunau, Danzig Stadt and David in Hasselbach.
It is possible they moved around.
If we assume Engel may be correct have any of you any idea what Engel means?
Is it a Prussian, German, Polish, Jewish or Yiddish name?
Does it possibly mean Angel which appears in the Jacobs family connections in the early/mid 1800s?
I have also been reading a book on the history of Prussia and I may have discovered why the Lietzens (Jacobs), if they are our family, left Prussia.
I will tell you more later.
[Peter Wales]