Abraham Jacobs & Family

 Can we agree that Abraham Jacobs appears to be related somehow to our Jacobs.

If he is not Philips son then we need to consider what relation he is to our families.
I think it is too coincidental for him not to be related given he was in Crown St and linked to Henry Jacobs- Philips son
[Phil Kirby]

I agree that Abraham is related – I think my conclusion is that he was a son of Philip, brother of Henry II (I’ve been referring to Philip’s brother as Henry the Elder). Re failure to find births/marriages on the various synagogue sites – There are a lot of Jacobs marriages/births, butI haven’t found any of Moses Levy’s marriage to Mary or his children’s births on any of the synagogue sites, although obviously there was a marriage and they were born!  The children were married by the Chief Rabbi, so I know they were Jewish!  So the absence of records on the synagogue sites doesn’t mean very much. [Carol Freeman]

I have ordered Alice Abraham’s death certificate, hopefully to say whether she was definitely Abraham Jacobs sister. Alice was consistently ten years older on both census 1841, and 1851 than Abraham, I will check to see if date on certificate. This would have made her born in 1781 too old to be Philip’s daughter.  I wonder if we have found a missing branch, we have always wondered if David came to England on his own or with other brothers and sisters.[Debbie Bozkurt]

I’ve been pondering this puzzle, and whilst I’m convinced that they are relations, business and location are good pointers, I am having difficulty fitting them into the tree as I know it. I believe that Abraham and his sister Alice are too old to be children of Philip, but equally I think that they may be too young to be children of David.

 Abraham Jacobs
We have two options under consideration.
1.            He is a son of David, brother to Henry, Philip, Jacob, Elizabeth
2.            He is a son of Philip 

What we know about Abraham
Born:                     1791 according to the 1851 census
Married:              before 1827 [Based on son aged 24 in 1851 census]
Sister:                   Alice, born 1781 based on 1851 census, married Mr Abraham
Based on this information we could propose that Abraham & Alice’s parents were married before 1781.
Equally we could assume that their parents were, say 18, at the time of marriage. This would make them born about 1863. 

Children of Philip?
We estimate that Philip was born about 1771 based on the 1851 census
Philip died in 1845 age unknown?
With Alice, sister of Abraham, being born in 1781 it seems unlikely to me that they could be children of Philip, even with some iffy ages in the census.
Additionally, neither were mentioned in Philip’s 1843 will. 

Children of David?
We estimate that David was born about 1726 based on his age being given as 75 when he was on trial in 1801.
This would make David about 55 when Alice was born, and 65 when Abraham was born.
Whilst this is not impossible, it does stretch the imagination a bit.  We don’t, as far as I know, have any details on David’s son Jacob.
Could he be older than Henry & Philip, and could Abraham and Alice be his children? 
Having put up target, I will await everyone shooting holes in it [Dave Simpson]

No David I totally agree what you say my thoughts too. I have done some work on John and he married in 1795 so that lets him out too. Have done some research on his family through his son Henry Jacobs the butcher and his children have married some really interesting people. I hope to type up my notes over the holiday season and let you have them in draft. Like all families they will be a working record as new things get added.[Debbie Bozkurt]