New Zealand Jacobs

 I’ve just been going through the archives for the ‘West Coast Times’ or should it be renamed ‘The Misadventures of The Jacobs’ 

So far I’ve found Samuel in court on several occasions including the selling of Sly-Grog, Debt (more than once) and larceny.  
Henry also features on more than one occasion. Perhaps children do inherit the ways of their parents!
[Dave Simpson]

You obviously haven’t found the case of Sarah Jacobs.,
She was actually the victim. I have the transcripts which start “James Cox was brought up on remand charged with having, on the 26th of April last (this would be 1878) administered strychnine to one Sarah Jacobs, with intent to kill and murder her.
It appears in the West Coast Times – 5 August 1878. Sarah was Henry’s sister.
She was born in St Kilda, Victoria, Australia
[June Keating]