Western Synagogue

 I bought an old book the western synagogue through 2 centuries, although I would have loved to get my hands on the earlier written book by Cecil Roth which has more details about records and mentions Moses Jacobs of Soho, David Isaacs etc.

But I think the only copies are in the museums…

 Anyway looking at various names and I must admit unless our ancestors were very famous we didn’t get much of  a look in.
I have scanned this page as it mentions Moses Jacobs (although doesn’t mention Soho the other book did) and a few other names of a committee which may be your in-laws.
I must admit I have so many HARTS, LEVY etc. running around in my brain I forget exactly who the daughter and son in laws of Henry Jacobs were.
As I said the book is not over helpful as it only mentions the names rather than give a bioghraphy unless you were the lord mayor etc.
But if anyone wants me to look up something I will
[Debbie Bozkurt]

Debs, does the book say anything else about Moses Levy of Alie Street, Goodman’s Fields? 
My gggrandfather Moses Levy was on Gravel Lane in the 1841 census but could have been elsewhere earlier. 
He was in the rag business in 1841.
[Carol Freeman]