Elizabeth Jacobs

 I have partly shared this with Phil but I have now been in contact with an owner of a Isaac tree and she has Elizabeth Jacobs marrying her GGGG father David Isaacs, which tied into all my research. I did a lot of research over the last few days, anything to stop me finishing typing up my notes!
This is how I did it and how I think it ties up: 

1. I checked the census and there was no David Isaacs in Middlesex of the correct age give or take 20 years on the 1841, which lead me to believe he was dead.  

2. I then checked the GSM records and pulled out every Isaacs whose father was David Isaacs. I found 4 or 5 I think, some where the same people re-marrying. Only one marriage had David living in 1835, the next marriage was 1841, deceased.  

3. I found a David Isaacs death certificate 1838, although not sent off for it tied up with the GS Marriage Records.  

4. Found 3 of the ‘siblings’ were at 23 Drury Lane, found a sister Elizabeth on the directories at 23 Drury Lane in 1846.  

5. Then I looked at the 1841 census for  Drury lane and  one of the names Elias and guess what 23 Drury Lane was ms Elizabeth, Jane  and Moss Isaacs and their mother ELIZABETH ISAACS approx the correct age. So not only do I have 3 children who later married from 23 Drury Lane with father David deceased but there mother is called Elizabeth. 

6. I have checked and checked and there appears to be no one of the same age, Jewish and from that area, who was a member or the GS called David Isaacs and together with the fact his wife was called Elizabeth I was nearly there!  

7. I then found Elizabeth Isaacs mother and youngest son Moss on the 1851 census at 17 Drury Lane, her birth place was Aldgate which ties in perfect. Son Moss was a Iron Merchant or such like.  

8. This is where I got the final break through, I googled Moss and got an article that had been posted and written by a British Jewery forum member and she mentions Moss Isaacs Metal Merchant etc and his family, and then and I quote ” father David Isaacs married in 1796 Great Synagogoue father Feiver Lemon man“……..our Elizabeth’s Marriage 

9. I contacted her and she has got back in touch and she a very experienced researcher and  has her direct line coming from David Isaacs and Elizabeth Jacobs and she has that in her family tree.  

10. The names of David Isaacs and Elizabeth children, tie in totally with the names the Jacobs give to their children, Henry, Jane (always one of them – wonder if David Letson’s wife was Jane or is Jane the female of Jacob), Elizabeth, Philip, Lewis, John (not sure if was born Jacob) and Moss (for Moses), Hannah and Elias (only one different).  

11. Although the lady gave me a brief summary of her tree I have faithfully promised not to pass it on, I will just use it for checking. It is mostly the names above and some of their descendants. I think I have given you all enough details to do your own verifying and I know Dave has enough to do with what we have already given him. I will work on this with Phil (sorry Phil) and if anyone comes up with any research too let me know, I know David is wanting to do some too!  

12. I will try and pull a few certificates together to try and knock the 95% to 100% [Debbie Bozkurt]