Jane Capua

 I was examining closely the re. marriage of Jane Jacobs to Daniel Dias in Melbourne 1874. 

1. Jane married 5 months after Lewis died in England – Burial, grieving time, boat, meeting someone new she wanted to marry, doesn’t add up.  

2. She knocked of 12 years off her age 

3. Daniel Dias father was John the Butcher….interesting, born in England, mother Rachel brother Naphtali witness 

4. 1841 Census John Dias, Daniel, Naphtali etc………wait for it  Butcher 11 Duke Street, a few doors down from where she lived and a few streets away from her Father and Brother…..very interesting.  

5. Daniel’s age is fairly constant! So he would have been a teenager when she was a married women with young children….but they most have known each other. In fact maybe Mark played with Daniel and his younger siblings.  

6. another strange thing is I can not find Jane on any census after 1841, although is ‘strange’ name so could be spelt wrong. She was not living with children in 1851 and she was not with her husband in 1861 to 1871 , he was living with his daughter and husband. Daniel is not on any census either since 1841. Surely a woman in her 30s did not run off with a man in his late teens early 20s. John Dias the Butcher was still at 11 Duke Street, brother was missing too.  

7. I have just read her death certificate and she had been in Victoria Australia for 35 years, she died in 1887, so she left England in about 1851/2 prob. whilst her husband was in prison!!!!

I need to find Daniel Dias death certificate to find out how long he had been in Victoria. She ran away and left them all to it, prob. with her oldest son Mark. Where did she get the money from, she never divorced and got married as soon as she could when he died. [Debbie Bozkurt]

Just re-read the death and she did 3 years in one place in Australia, un-readable I think and 35 years in Victoria, so she would have left England in about 1849, so thats why she is not on 1851 census and her son Mark joined her not the other way….plot thickens[Debbie Bozkurt]