1 Duke Street


I was looking at old documents that Phil had sent me. One was a list of Jacobs at Duke Street. At the bottom was Joseph Jacobs Duke Street, When I looked him up on 1841 it was 1 Duke Street, Bethnel Green, not Aldgate, not too far though.  Here is the PO entry for 1851, unless I am being stupid I can’t find any entries in the 1851 census for the early part of Duke Street and therefore Joseph Jacobs, appear to be missing. Jacobs Joseph, Freemasons Arms PH, 1 Duke Street, Whitechapel Road  But there is a Joseph Jacobs whose death is registered AMJ Whitechapel 1857, Hyamson says 26.3.1857, in those days registration took a week or two so….what do you think. I did look up the names of the children and they wasn’t really our names but Jacobs Children sometimes didn’t keep to the norm, the marriage is also not on the GS but again it doesn’t have to be, but would be a little surprised it wasn’t.  What do you think? Do you think that scribble could mean Joseph?[Debbie Bozkurt]

I think I may have talked myself out of this one. Found this Joseph Jacobs still alive in 1861 in Bethnel Green running a pub, so we are not looking I don’t think for the Licencee who lived at 1 Duke Street. There was still someone who died AMJ 1857 who was called Joseph Jacobs but I would expect it to say East London if they were still living in Aldgate.  Are well back to the drawing board.[Debbie Bozkurt]