Henry Jacobs

Done a bit of Digging too, Henry Jacobs, Jacob/John’s son is on the GSM as private member married to a Rebecca Isaacs 1841.
I can trace Henry still on the 1881 census with his daughter Sarah (now Swabe – though can’t trace that spelling). Daughter is down as butcher widowed at 4/34 Duke Street.
The thing that ties back to the Rebecca Isaacs is that Sarah’s Aunt is living with them Rachael Isaacs. Sarah is down as Head.
I also saw Ezra, if Henry was private member then perhaps Ezra was too. I found Henry mentioned until 1868 as a licenced butcher. 
I have noticed under Philip Jacobs, David son there is a w ?????? and his date of death.
Can you read the name after the W wondered if it was his wife.
Also in the left hand top does the note say see ???? above Mother.[Debbie Bozkurt]