Silverstone – Harris – Brown

From Gerry Newnham

1. Birth Certificate for Rosa SILVERSTONE, 4th Sept 1837: Presumed to be the sister of Ellen. Both Rosa and Ellen are with Jacob SILVERSTONE in Cincinnati in the 1850 US Census (see below). The Certificate shows Rosa’s mother to be Hannah HARRIS. Ellen was born too early for Civil Registration and there is, at present, no trace of her in synagogue records. Both Jacob and Hannah appear as witnesses in Old Bailey trials.

(Type the Keyword “Silverstone” in the search box on the Old Bailey Web site. The second and third entries are for this family and both contain useful genealogical information.)


2. 1850 US Census of Cincinnati, 5th Ward showing Jacob SILVERSTON, “Corrada”, Ellen and Rosa. The identity and correct forename of “Corrada” have not been determined but they suggest that Hannah (who did travel to the US – see below) died before 1850 and that Jacob may have remarried. However, the original Cincinnati records from that period were destroyed by fire. Although reconstructed after the fire and now available on-line I have not yet been able to find a marriage for Jacob (nor his death – probably between 1865 and 1888, when he would have been age 100). With the Silverstones are Edward and Frances VAULT (or GAULT).

I believe that Frances (see below) was another daughter of Jacob and Hannah Silverstone.

3. 1850 US Census of Cincinnati, Ward 2. This shows an Abraham HARRIS, age 31, (born England c.1819) who I believe to be Hannah’s brother. She travelled with an Abraham HARRIS to the US (see below). I am still trying to locate the HARRIS family – presumably in London – before they emigrated.

4. Ship’s Manifest, Liverpool to New Orleans June 1840 (“Sydner” of Boston?):  [I read it as Sydney – DS] Abraham HARRIS, Hannah SILVERSTON, Fanny (Frances?), Helen (Ellen?) and Rosa SILVERSTON; destination Illinois. The main route to Cincinnati at that date was via New Orleans and river boats along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. It appears that Jacob travelled ahead (details not yet found) and may initially have gone to another destination. However, there was an early Jewish presence in Cincinnati that he may have found more welcoming. He became involved with the Synagogue there from around 1840 and is mentioned as being in a Synagogue celebration in 1865. (Thanks to Bertram Lowi of California for finding the Ship’s Manifest.)

5. Birth Certificate for Emma BROWN, 14th May 1865: Wife of David JACOBS (1862-1899). Confirms her parents to be Henry BROWN and Jane FANCY (also FANCEY). (I have traced both families to Dorset and can provide further information if you would like add this to the web site.)

 From Gerry Newnham